Fashion – Back to the Future


Which style are comfortable wearing? Do you know where in the fashion that you feel comfortable wearing came from? The world of fashion and design is truly compelling the intrigue and excitement it provides people like you who are among those who enjoy the show different trends in fashion. Whims that are all present, all came from the last design that started way back in the 19th century. Knowing this will give you an idea of ​​the real personality that you have been dreaming to show in fashion as well as the ones that made a mark in the mod world that most men and women are getting.

From long ago, even if they are also integrated in the same fashion sense among many designers; women are more targeted fashion design. In the earliest years of mod design, the name that started it all goes back to Charles Frederick Worth (1826-1895). His success began vintage fashion, even before the Maison Couture in Paris began. Worth was more than just a format; He was the very first man had always dictated what his clients be! Could you imagine the great achievement it was to be dictator of fashion at the time?

You can trace back to this term trend drawing fashion paper among designers for film rights fall afford their design and form and pattern design is intended to have, who would have guessed that this practice goes far back ? Many fashion houses commissioned services painters and artists to make design promotion for customers to see, but really need to make a completed form, which evolved versions of the blades.

fashion world turned French fashion in the early 1900s, this was a time of an hour glass shape for women began in vintage fashion, they have shown; the corset that some women are still wearing the day became very famous show S-bend contours. You can just imagine how women have been so vain in their waistline already. Flimsy lines came after 1908, leaving bulky petty coats under his clothes. The Pleating and dyeing process was reflected in clothing until World War II, where women were dressing for comfort and not fashion, women learned to work and became practical at this time.

Pils was introduced in 1915 in ankle length until it became less up to mid-calf. The Vintage Fashion began to have short skirts along with the advent of cars. Major changes took place, parking for cars; Long train gowns to pinafores above the knee; skirt short bobs until women start even borrow clothes from men’s fashion. The A-line skirt not take so long to be patronized as many fashion design was introduced very quickly in the market. Some of hairstyle and fashion of the time change over time and some very famous designers in the day when it came from this era of vintage clothing design as Jean Patou and Coco Chanel as well as many others.

The sudden change in women’s fashion was back in the 40s, many vintage fashion house closed. After the war, a new fashion came with a complete new look, the designers of the early years as Chanel liked the new look, that was the end of women following the Paris fashion.

60s it was possible to introduce Retro fashion; Extreme simplicity has almost spend glamorous fashion style from 1900 until radical expression clothes match the music and lifestyle; Glam rock and punk are among the examples.

There you wear now even reflections on the last fashion worlds came. Inspiration in the art of fashion is found in retro fashion 60s to 80s. Scarves, and pant cuts and even skirts are made of different patches of past fashion world. Look back and there will always be a fashion you can emulate in your personal style. It’s really fashion world out there!


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