Meet The Beatles: Fashion Trends


From Please Please Me Abbey Road, the Beatles certainly made its mark on a generation which they presided. In fact, the English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960 has affected all aspects of popular culture, from music, to slang, fashion and beyond. In the 1960s, as the Beatles were quickly rising to fame in the fashion world was also quickly conquered by up-and-coming, modern, minimalist style (known as mod). While the band was first and fore mostly known for their musical success, they soon on the role of style icons for entire generations of young people, first in Britain and then worldwide.

Many people know that fashion design is an integral part of the success of popular culture act. Managers Beatles quickly realized this and worked to set the look of the band apart from many other popular development of their age. Men’s Fashion in the late fifties was all about greasy, slicked back hair, leather jackets and jeans. John, Paul, George and Ringo, four young men who made up the Beatle he took England by storm with un-slicked their shaggy hairdos, Chelsea boots and smart, fit clothing ensembles. The layout was simple, but incredibly effective. The hairdo was called the “mop-top”, and young people around the world went about adorning the super cool new style Beatle is.

original boy band to end all boy bands began to increase the style of the sixties and seventies. They went from plain, straight legged clothing turtlenecks, bright, collarless suit Mod. They even managed to popularize loud patterns like Paisley. As they grow older and often changed their style reflected growing world experience their psychedelic mood of the seventies. And as the Beatles grew individuals, the world was with them, mimicking their every move.

effect Beatle’s style is timeless, just like their music. Just as you flick the radio dial and almost certainly come across a Beatle’s style of play, you can walk around campus every fashion school and spot some John Lennon-inspired, round glasses, or mop-top hairdo or two …


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