The Big Four Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris


four major Fashion Weeks are held twice a year and internationally. Each one of the fashion weeks has a unique style all their own.

In 1943, New York held the first Fashion Week, and has been the quintessential idea of ​​fashion week ago. Now known as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, it seems to be the product sales of the big fashion shows, the clothes are made ready for market. Her style and design are probably much ‘safer’ than the three places.

In 1984, London jumped on the fashion train and recently has been making a splash with high-end Couture her. London Fashion Week has not yet reached the commercial stage of New York and is less likely to follow fashion trends. Rather, every London fashion house showcases unique take on fashion-forward ideas and their collections are still market-ready. The heavy hitters in London as Richard Nicholl, Christopher Kane and Giles Deacon are amazing designers who produce commercially viable collections that would stand out in any of the fashion shows around the world.

version Milan week was established in 1958 and is part of the Big Four international. It is owned by a nonprofit association that disciplines, coordinates and promotes the development of Italian fashion and is responsible for hosting fashion events and shows in Milan called the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. The original Italian Fashion Week was not held in Milan, instead it was held in Florence against Giovan Battista Giorgini. He held the first “fashion parade” in the living room of his house “Villa Torrigiani”. Then Italian week later moved to Rome and then Milan where it is currently held in Haute style today.

Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world, and holds the position finale fashion show tour. Paris Fashion Week comes irregular schedule each season of international fashion weeks to finish. High-end French designers are: Christian Dior, Coco Chanel and Louis Vuitton and many more incredibly talented designers. Usually, Paris has some of the extravagant shows, especially at Paris Couture Week.

No matter what the Big Four’s favorite, every week is sure to dazzle their audience with the new Haute Couture designs year after year. In addition to Haute Couture trend, new fashion design has also been a great influence, especially in New York, a place that makes a fashion school to shape the design of their students, who are often very fresh and inspirational. It is indeed important to keep up with the latest runway styles from all four weeks to stay on top of future trends for the next season.


Fashion – Find unique style phone


We all want to show off our individuality to the world. Each person has their own personality, and it’s fun to let this peek through the clothing that suits who you are. We dress for success on the job but it does not always let us be ourselves.

When we dress appropriate for our environment, this may limit our choice of clothes. There are usually only a handful of people who are so satisfied with themselves that they dress fully reflect their tastes and personality.

Clothing is not the only way to show the world who you are. Another way is through the hair style. This is true for men and women. Get the right cut, it can reflect your personality. It can become a symbol of who you are.

Better yet, the hair is always with you unlike, say, your favorite jacket. You have your hair if you are going on a date or an interview. It’s an easy way to telegraph your personality regardless of setting.

You can still dress appropriately for work and work and be a person if you choose the hairstyle carefully.

Maybe you need to be conservative, or just to be conservative because that is your style. If that is the case, you can still make the most of hairstyle by having your hair cut on the higher end salon. You’ll get great quality hair cut and quality will show.

Americans are not known as fashion trendsetters. Still, you want to make the best first impression you can, and your hair style is a big part of this. Investing in yourself, especially in something so obvious and always at the high style, is a good idea.

spend a little more for a great cut of good salon. This says that you know your worth and that you have a professional, quality, polished image regardless of the setting you are in.


Fashion designer – Ritu Kumar


Ritu Kumar is one of the leading designers in India who have developed a unique style of their own, reflecting the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary fashion. With regard to art history and musicology, which has enriched her horizons, understanding Ritu Kumar is of ancient design and innovative use of traditional crafts has created a new classicism. Ritu holds the position revivalist in the Indian fashion industry, which has managed to bridge the gap between traditionalism and modernity.

Ritu, who began her work with four hand-block printers and two tables in a small village near Calcutta thirty years, was the first woman to present the “boutique” Culture in India under the brand name “Rita”. Today she has twelve stores in all major cities in India. Shops Ritu Kumar’s multifaceted features introduced takes the best Indian design, with specially formulated range of high fashion garments and accessories, silk, leather and cotton.

range Ritu Kumar of Western and Indian clothing is all about tradition and individual talent, and women across continents can easily identify with her vision of design.

Ritu has gone a long way to redefine the word “fashion” in the Indian context. Most importantly, it has shown that handmade products can be as profitable as even more glamorous than a machine, and that the Indian fashion is more than able to hold it’s own in the international arena Haute Couture. Couture her is recognizable by its classicism, beauty and sophistication. The design philosophy is based on the assumption that everything is based on its aesthetics, cuts across all boundaries, whether geographical, cultural or otherwise. This very aesthetic aspect is central to Indian handwriting passing its creation. As the world truly becomes a global village, more and more of the elements that make up modern culture are used in good hues and ethnic tones. Pluralism is the mantra, but tastes are fast becoming Eclectic, whether in music, art, food and fashion. Within the fashion, the Indian technology ever offered a premium for their creativity, style and texture. The Indian influence on modern wear is clear.

in sync with this growing trend, in April 2002, Ritu Kumar launched a new subspecies of her, ” we. This is a reflection of modern and international trends that shape our lives today. “LABEL” meet today’s woman who is constantly self-knowing and globally. It is a modern offer, focusing on the cut, color, drape and feel of the dish. This model has universal appeal aimed at today’s mobile lifestyle. It is fashionable, affordable and like all Ritu Kumar products, it is of the highest quality.


Fashion Career categories – A breakdown


directly from fashion school, you may be thinking that a fashion designer; you will have the opportunity to work with all types of clothing. What you may not know is that, in general, the fashion industry is divided into categories, and the categories within categories. Basically, the fashion industry is very specialized. Breakdown starting price (which usually corresponds to quality). Lowest Discount classification, and the height of fashion is Haute Couture

  • Discount These shops sell products retail at a discounted price from what other stores charge. Outlet malls or stores like Ross, Wal-Mart, Target, or Conway are examples of discount retailers that sell discount labels.
  • Budget / Mass Market Knock-offs of higher priced designer items that are sold at competitive prices to the masses. Old Navy, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe are some popular budget labels. Department stores in this category include JC Penney and Kohls. This market usually retails for less than $ 100
  • Moderate These are nationally advertised apparel brands such as Nine West, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, and Zara are all in the moderate range. Examples of moderate department stores are Macy’s and Dillards. These types usually retail for less than $ 300
  • Contemporary More than just a specific price point, this classification is fashion-forward image often aimed at women in the ’20s and early’ 30s those looking for trendy fashions prices more favorable than Designer pieces. DKNY, Betsey Johnson, Bebe, and Rebecca Taylor fall in Contemporary category, which normally retails for under $ 500
  • better Also selling for less than $ 500, use these collections of superior quality materials and style, lower price brands. Armani Exchange, Jones New York and Anne Klein are two examples for a better price online.
  • Bridge price under $ 1,000, these lines serve as a “bridge” between better and designer labels. And includes
    names like Ellen Tracy, Dana Buchman, DKNY, Emporio Armani and Ralph Lauren Lauren.
  • Developer: True designer collections typically sell for more than $ 1,000 per team. The materials, fit, information, and space are superior to other ready-to-wear items. Some examples of designer labels are Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani and Chanel.
  • Haute Couture / Avant-garde Also know as couture, these concepts have been widely abused by ready-to-wear brands. Haute Couture, or simply “couture” designers sell custom, made to measure pieces cost tens of thousands of dollars and are affordable only to a select few. Technically speaking, there are only ten official Haute Couture House including: Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, and Givenchy. Avant-garde designer produce high-quality, one-of-a-kind garments that experiment with new design ideas and push the envelope a popular fashion.

Even within the groups above, each market is divided into specific categories. First, design companies broken down by customer: men, women, etc. The children then are further divided by type of clothing, sportswear, evening wear (special occasion), pajamas, etc. and then design teams designated to specific areas like Wovens, Knits, sweaters, tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and so on.

On an unfortunate note, it is very difficult to move from one category to another. If you start to build your career with a mass-market companies, you’ll face some obstacles when applying for that dream job at Ralph Lauren. The same goes for designer specialties. If you have experience working with children’s woven tops, chances are that you will not encounter position designing dresses for women. If you are absolutely determined to make a change, you’re best bet is to start from scratch in the relevant field and work your way up again.

Something else to consider is the different types of manufacturers and retailers out there. Some manufacturers design and produce their own designs, which are then sold to retailers. These manufacturers do not own retail outlets. Examples include Shoshana, Jones New York and Carmen Marc Valvo. There are also manufacturers who have licenses for various brands. For example, Warnaco holds licenses for Calvin Klein, Speedo and chaps; Phillips Van Heusen and (PVH) owns licenses for Casio, Sean Jean, and Kenneth Cole.

The retailers that only sell products purchased from manufacturers. These are stores like Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. Many manufacturers also have their own retail their positions as Polo Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange and Nicole Miller. Other retail stores have their own product development team and merchandise manufactured specifically for their private labels such as Gap, Old Navy, and Express. In addition to buying products from outside manufacturers, many warehouses also own collections signal. Examples are: I.N.C. (Macy), and Arizona Jeans (JC Penney).

The largest job out there are a mass-market companies, which often pay quite well to start, although these figures generally level off after a few years of experience. The higher end markets pay less to start, and working hours are long, but you get the opinion from such reputable companies will do wonders for your resume!


Fashion Design Skills 101 – Skills Fashion Schools reach nearly enough


The fashion school, most of your time was spent learning to create diagrams fashion, draping, sewing, and flat pattern making. While these are good skills to have, they are not very practical when you’re trying to land their first job in the fashion industry. In the real world you will be expected to know how to create computerized flat sketches, develop specific dish, Cads and presentation boards. And I know some of you are thinking “But I learned things in school too!” I answer: You think you know, but you have no idea! Take it from experience: fashion schools focus on the skills nearly enough to fully prepare you for your first design position. In this article I will discuss each skill and its importance in the fashion industry

Draping and Pattern Making -. Low Importance
Although the pattern making and draping skills are important, they usually only come in handy when you deal with a lot of seizures. However, the attachment usually made by technical teams design so if you got in fashion for creative reasons, you will most likely be miserable in this type of situation. On the creative side of design, all you need is a basic understanding of what creates a good fit, and how to fix a bad one. In most parts of the design, hands-on pattern making skills are not needed, unless you are planning to enter the Project Runway

Sewing – Low Importance
On the creative side of design, sewing is not be relevant. Yes, it is good to understand the general concepts of garment construction, but you do not have to be a great seamstress. In practice, if you need to know how a certain dish is constructed, there are tons of references available: from clothing shops, the “how to” books and online articles. What I’m trying to make is if you’re sewing skills leave something to be desired, do not stress over it

Picture – Almost Excessive
Sorry. Fashion images are dying art in the industry – they are hardly used by designers in the real world. Fashion illustration has been replaced by computer drawn stylized technical drawings (float) or specific technical apartments, which are faster to sketch and much more practical. Not only do they present a clear representation of the design concept, but they are a must have for production. Houses can be turned into Cads and can be used in mood / presentation boards. Fashion schools have not followed this shift and are still focused more on the images, and not enough on the flat sketch

Computer Programs -. Must Know
I can not stress enough the importance of knowing common computer applications to create good, apartments and Cads. Most companies expect proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Excel where they are relatively affordable compared to more industry specific software. Unfortunately, coverage of Illustrator and Photoshop provided by fashion schools do not meet the actual demands of the fashion industry. Many companies are also asking knowledge WebPDM, so if your college offers courses in this program, it would be to your benefit to take it. If your school does not teach this program, finding a school or local offer this program and take it

Flat Sketching – Must Know
While interviewing candidates for the positions of design, we have seen portfolios applicants filled with beautiful illustrations and then say “It’s good, but you can flat sketch?” If the apartments are in their portfolios, they are usually basic, lacks important details, and are not visually appealing. If candidates drawings are halfway decent; My next question is “do you know Illustrator and Photoshop?” Almost everyone says yes, but it is usually far from the truth.

A lot of grads fashion school seriously believe that they know these programs well, but what you learned in school is not enough – fashion schools do not teach these skills well enough for entry level designers to be competent within the fashion industry. Schools just cover the basics, which are usually forgotten without practice. Take extra effort to practice and become comfortable with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and other applications beyond what schools teach :. Read books and take more courses (available in either the classroom or online settings)

Creating separate the copycat Industry – Must Know
Knowing how to separate (measure, detail) garment to create a garment information, or “special” is a fundamental skill. Many companies create a separate sheet of Excel. While the size of the dish and measurements vary from company to company, depending on different market segments and categories, if you know the principles, you will be able to quickly adapt to the standards of each company. You do not even have to know how to develop special from scratch!

As head designer, setting specific standards for business, I usually went to different stores, found garments with good fit and copied the key measurement. This is very common – in the fashion industry is a copycat industry-most Fashions hanging in the stores are knock-offs of other companies. Once, during a shopping trip in London, store salesperson that I was a fashion designer collect style ideas. He mentioned that his store was a constant flow of American design companies such as Calvin Klein, the designers come to KnockOff their products. That’s right – even the top designer brands using knockoffs for ready-to-wear collections. There are even official terminology: a “knockoff” is when the style is copied and “rub-off” is when the patterns are copied

Educate Yourself
Many schools fashion.! so that fit in New York (Fashion Institute of Technology) are important courses like “apartments and specs for the fashion industry,” but believe it or not, these courses not required by the curriculum! A practical courses that can be taken is “creatively presentation.” Salespeople use promotional much visual stimuli. In addition, they create a good impression and convey creativity level. If you can make excellent presentations you will be assigned to do them often, and believe me it’s more fun to do than make boards fit or send faxes and organize land

To sum up :. In order to get a job for the rest of the entry level fashion candidates, you have to focus on refining the skills that are highly demanded in the industry. Becoming proficient with a flat sketch, apartments in your portfolio, and be very comfortable and knowledgeable in Illustrator and Photoshop. Not only will you be ready with the skills you need to succeed in fashion, but to discuss how you went the extra mile to keep up with industry standards will certainly impress any prospective employer!

For your reference and use, we sent a lot of places flat sketches and Cads in JPEG and vector (Illustrator) format on If you can improve your skills to achieve the quality of the show, you will be in very good shape

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Clothing Style and fashion


clothing style goes side by side with fashion. It is artistic feature fashion designer to design clothes and bring it out in front of others. The design distributes them in society within no time. The style of sitting wearing different brands coming into fashion. People from different parts of the community come out clothing style and makes it as a part of the fashion community. Therefore, it leads towards the development of the fashion industry.

human ability to create different style clothing gives the possibility to the other in making a variety of designs they want to wear. That is why today, we can see different categories of clothing for men and women. The clothes range from casual to formal, cool to semi-formal, traditional party to be and so on. The demand of people allows the merchant to bring something new and innovative in the market. For example, women sorting clothing we can see the gown, ball gown, evening gown, wedding dresses, Capri long skirts, and usually pant and shirts. However, other figures in the design world. While in class apparel for men are trousers and shirts, suits, wedding cloths, party wear, and dress them as they are to be followed by a specific occasion.

So consciously or unconsciously all these clothes style become part of fashion. As stated earlier, women have a variant of the gown for different occasions. So it also shows the rapid growth of industrial fashion and taste of people in clothing style.

Fashion does not only wear formal dresses or to look stylish. It means to create something, a new and more up to date. One should also be careful that every cloth does not suit everybody. One should try to adopt the latest fashion clothes, but one should also have a physical structure consideration people. Clothing is incorporated fashion and fashion is not only about the style of clothing; but more important is how a particular clothing is worn and comply with the relevant (color scheme or dress fit). Fashion comes and goes. It does not stay the whole time. The fashion linked to the way clothes are worn and how to promote it; is what we called and style.

Another important point is that your dressing sense individual contributes a lot to fashion. Fashion includes clothing that is created by humans. So it is not enough to follow the latest fashion. Even an ordinary person can come out of fashion if he keeps good dress sense. In addition to this, dress sense, it is important to give us some social roles too. This means following a few dress code. There are some dress codes in each community also. It varies by nationality, values ​​and culture. For example, as an ethics, dress code for the burial ceremony should be simple in any society (although the colors may vary), dresses for any cultural event or a social ritual was different. For Halloween or Christmas party again there will be a different style of clothes. So it varies from community to community. Overall, the rapid changes in fashion world give us dress sense too.


Elements of Fashion Industry – Select your Fashion Merchandising Colleges


Fashion industry attracts many young people nowadays not only because it is a fairly new profession, but also it is expected to realize like the person in the field of fashion. In addition, there is quite a high-paid profession today. When a young man decides to link the activities of his or her fashion industry nothing comes to mind but one of its elements – fashion design. Probably few people really know that there is a special area of ​​the fashion industry. In fact, there is a large number of other professions and specialties in fashion including clothing design, fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion merchandising, etc. the latter does not get worthy of attention, but it is very important. Because merchandising we have fashionable clothes in stores and shops.

How can one tell whether the Fashion Merchandising is the field for him to start working? Look through the following symptoms may fashion merchandiser and if at least one point coincides with your way of life, you have all the chances to make a career in this field. Do you like to spend a weekend walking through the flea markets for the latest fashions again? Or maybe your friends want to borrow fashionable shoes and accessories Defiant? If so, perhaps you should take a walk down a fashion runway. The studies in merchandising, you will get the opportunity to learn more about fabrics and textiles. You are also going to introduce the culture and subcultures that shape the way people dress.

No doubt, in order to become a professional merchandiser, great desire and talent to this specialty is not enough. If you want to get into this process and progress in one needs to get proper training in first. A fashion merchandising college will be of great help for you. Once you learn the fashion merchandising college you will get the chance to learn all the ins and outs of the fashion industry because it can get experience and build a strong foundation for further work in this area.

Students have the right to choose whether to get a two-year Associate of Art degree or four-year bachelor’s degree in the field of fashion. Depending on the type of fashion merchandising college you are going to visit. In addition, you are also welcome to combine this training with classes or even major or minor in a related specialty, for example, fashion design or fashion marketing. Students in the fashion merchandising college to learn how to produce, buy, promote and sell fashion products, from clothing and jewelry to cosmetics and furniture. They also learn about textiles (fabrics and fibers used to make them).

One should choose future merchandising college his very well. Depending on the fashion merchandising college you are going to take part in some necessary courses in graduation phone will vary greatly. Most desirable courses are subjects like accounting, Business Law, salesmanship, fashion sketch, merchandising math, merchandising, publicity and promotion, fashion trends, trend-spotting and history of fashion. You are sure to like these people, as well, they will give you a basic knowledge of the fashion industry.

To study fashion merchandising college is not like learning in other educational institution. Many core courses in fashion merchandising are hands-on and take a large amount of projects. Professors tend to rely more on experience than on their textbooks. If you are going to become a student expect to take a lot of field trips and listen to many speakers Best. You can visit the fashion magazines or large clothing company. You could even swing a fashion show or two.

profession fashion merchandiser is very interesting. It involves a lot of interaction with other people. When a person gets a job of a fashion merchandiser he or she is going to spend all day long visit various fashion shows, buy clothes and design, talk to designers, control advertising and marketing campaign necessary for the successful sale of your products, and manage stores within net company. You are also expected to find yourself negotiating trade agreements with manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, you are going to arrange their own stock show. The scope of activities depends on the size of the company you are currently at the level of practical work expected of you.

Beginning fashion merchandising career you should always improve your skills and knowledge of fashion trends in the world and the most important thing you need to do is to perfect your ability picking out the next big thing in fashion before anyone else does it. This will ensure your success. This capability is the foundation of your new knowledge of past fashions and trends. It includes everything you will get by attending fashion merchandising college, but beyond that you should develop this trend to improve their own good taste in clothing.

Summing up, it was necessary to tell the history of fashion merchandiser cooperation with many different areas of the fashion industry. Therefore, if you are looking for more interesting activities, something that is more than just designing clothes or visit fashion shows, fashion merchandising can be a piece of cake. But to be very attentive while selecting appropriate fashion merchandising college, try to use your wisdom on this uneasy task, because it can define the future of the profession and even you life. You should do your research before entering the fashion merchandising college, and advance check whether the school or program you’re going to meet is properly accredited.


Hvernig Til Finna A Fashion Magazine starfsnám


Það er starf milljón stúlkur myndu drepa fyrir – í tísku tímarit starfsnámið. Ef þú ert að leita að komast í tísku tímarit sem feril, starfsnámi er einn af the eini leiðir að brjótast inn í fyrirtæki, sérstaklega ef þú vilt vinna fyrir efsta þrepi tísku tímarit eins Allure, Elle eða virtu Vogue. En stærsta spurningin af öllu er hvernig á að finna þetta mjög eftirsóttir Fashion Magazine starfsnám. Hér eru nokkrar ábendingar fyrir að fá fótinn í dyrnar.

fara beint til Heimild

Einn af the bestur lifnaðarhættir til finna tísku tímarit starfsnám er að fara beint að tímaritum sjálfum. Þú getur hringt í móttöku og spyrja hvort það eru einhverjar op fyrir Unglæknar. Eða enn betra að senda ferilsskrá og kynningarbréf yfir á eigin spýtur. Þeir ætla að vera hrifinn um hvernig ekið og fyrirbyggjandi þú ert.

Fara Straight To The Source … Online

Margir af helstu tímaritum tísku eru í eigu sama fyrirtæki, svo sem Conde Nast eða Time Warner. Opinberar vefsíður þeirra hafa starfslýsingu leit. Gefðu leitarorði a reyna, tísku tímarit starfsnám leiða bara gæti komið upp.

Hefja Blog

Hvernig vilt þú að vera afhent tísku tímarit starfsnám án þess þó að beita? Það gerist ekki í öllum tilvikum, en að keyra eigin tísku blogg getur fengið þér frábær tækifæri og viðurkenningu. Þú getur líka notað til að sýna hugsanlega vinnuveitendur skriflega færni þína og hvernig hollur þú ert að tísku.

Með Þinn School

Ef þú ferð á tísku skólanum það ætti ekki ‘ T vera of erfitt að finna starfsnámi á tísku tímarit í skólum tengingar, eftir því svæði sem þú ert í. Ef þú ert ekki í tísku skóla það er samt þess virði að reyna og vonandi einn ráðgjafa þínum getur fylgst með niður leiðir sérstaklega fyrir þig.

Finna forystu fyrir tísku starfsnám er í raun harður hluti, það er lending starf sem er erfitt! En þú hefur fengið að taka þessi fyrstu skref og það er mikilvægt að leita, leita, leita til að finna þær leiðir. Gangi þér vel!


Fashion Identity


Have you ever wondered who decides what’s “in” and fashion this season? Can people really tell if last year’s wardrobe is so old-fashioned? And what I need to do to be cool without breaking my bank? I’m sure you all have, at least once in your life. As a fellow woman, I share my thoughts on your concerns. Again, these are my thoughts and we are all entitled to have them.

In my opinion, it all starts with the individual. Every year we see creative individuals, developers, of course, bringing fresh fashion their paths for the coming year. Retailers convert these trends to everyday wear, the average woman like you and I can carry comfortably without feeling awkward. We, the consumers, bring it home to think it’s going to give us entry into the fashion Gentry. Rarely do we think ‘purpose to cover our bodies. After all, that should be the purpose clothing. And if it is not, then what else is there to offer us?

Fashion gives us a sense that we are wearing something nice and likeable, that feeling of domination beauty makes us confident and happy. It is simply “add-on” to our physical beauty. No wonder we want more of it and no wonder we want to be is “considered” likeable that time. Just like how chubby figures were considered beautiful and a sign of prosperity during the Renaissance but today no woman can imagine wishing for a fuller picture, where is the new petite beauty.

In short, the desire to buy the current fashion is not wrong. Everyone wants to feel safe and happy. What is wrong is the feeling of being obliged to buy it and our habit of ignoring past our wardrobe just for the heck of buying new. We are all creative in our own way and can put old pieces together in a new and innovative way. And the result should be considered equally trendy, if not more. Not to mention with the current recession, it should be “in-thing” to do. Just because a few creative people come up with some beautiful ideas and set bars high fashion does not our choice and creativity is still worth less.

I felt the need to share this as social media, with emphasis to provide coverage for the “fashion hits & disses” and other similar things, did not realize how close this concept is to develop our personalities and more so our youth. We do not want to have future generations whose identity based on “brand names”.

their identity should be the man.


Fashion – to do or not to do, that is the question


always give you the right to choose what you are most excited.

cabinet will always have classic fashions. No matter what your personal fashion taste is, you can never go wrong with the main item of clothing that can be dressed up for an evening event, or dressed down for a casual look. Also, classic clothing can be accessorized for an updated look by adding current jewelry, bold scarf, or the chic belt.

It is better to know the difference between the styles that are classics and style are simply developments. Classic styles are the items of clothing that are traditional and lingering looks, like the little black dress, tailored clothes, or the slim pant suit.

When you are classic fashions, you can go anywhere at anytime. Especially when you choose a well-made piece of good materials, they tend to last longer with each use. In addition, they tend to feel and look better when you wear them.

Look for lightweight fabrics in natural fibers such as silk, wool, and wool Gabardine, cotton, linen and cashmere. Many of the quality man-made synthetic fibers are suitable for prolonged use. Make sure everything fits, tailored pieces. However, when changes are needed, to fit better, it might be worth the time and money to visit a tailor or expert seamstress.

For those who are hooked on an everyday casual look, you can still dress in your own way. Try to add tailored jacket with jeans or jean jacket with a good T-shirt and tailored skirt.

Classics do not have to be boring. Showing creative side, why not wear ethnic or Matt scarf to give classics own style. Think of African print tunic, a wide bracelet or jade pendant.

Classics are also good for the budget conscious. In classic clothes last longer, you will have to make fewer trips and spend less on shopping. With just a little black dress or a solid color clothes, you can add bold colored scarf, several chain necklace, three-quarter coat or different belt to create many new look.

This is a test. ..

With the wardrobe you already have in your closet, how many can be counted as classics? Do you have …

O At least one, three-piece suit consisting of a jacket, skirt and pants in solid color

OA Navy Blazer -. It makes an impression.

O At least one white shirt -. nothing beats a long sleeve, crisp cotton shirt

O At least one pair of solid color slacks -. can be paired with any top or jacket

O Jeans -. keep them clean and pressed

O One little black dress -. All hail to this one things that can go day to night

O Formal wear – Can be elegant leaves can be mixed and matched to make different outfits

O An all-weather coat .. The trench coat will always be true classic

OA smile -. Reducing the whole outfit together

OA positive self-confidence and pride .. works wonders.

So long as you know the difference between a style for daytime casual and evening elegance, choice of fashion will be in accordance with the relevant occasion. Fashion style, fashion etiquette and good taste are the answers to the question of fashion.