Fashion Design


Fashion design is a practical art devoted to the design of garments, fashion wear, clothes in general and lifestyle accessories.

Charles Frederick Worth (1826-1895) was the first fashion ‘designer’ and not just a dressmaker. He was the first to set up a ‘fashion house “in Paris, where many young designers trained under him and were taught skills and creativity that Frederick had fabric.

Modern fashion design is generally divided into two broad categories – ‘Haute Couture’ and ‘ready-to-wear. “Haute-Couture designer collection is intended for private customers and is custom made, cut and sewn. For the fashion house to be competent official “Haute Couture” house, designer or company to register with the syndical Chamber for Haute Couture, the body designers based in Paris under the French Department of Fashion Industry that includes many international designers. An Haute Couture house has to show the fashion collections twice each year a minimum of 35 complete outfits in each show. They are often based on the catwalk and showed in private salons.

Ready-to-wear collections are not custom made for individuals. They come in standard sizes, and this makes them more suitable for large-scale production. Ready-to-wear collections can be further classified as collections of designers and sweets museums. Designer collections have complete and exclusive premium cut and design. Ready-to-wear collection designer is also based on catwalks around the world. Sweets collections are the clothes that we usually see in stores. These collections are designed by artists fashion. Brand producing candy collections only target the masses.

As fashion has become increasingly large industry, artists fashion have also ventured into the design of products follow suit as perfume, handbags and foot wear.


Effects fashion style of women


Fashion has a great impact on all women over the years because women are more in fashion styles than men. But women, fashion is a statement and determines your own personality by playing different styles. Fashion should be unique to each individual, but because of media influence fashion style has created a common denominator which most people imitate to become like the “supermodels”. Fashion style has its positive and negative effects on women. We will first determine the negative impact of fashion style and we will re-enforce it with positive effects.

Negative effects of fashion style

Identity. Your identity is affected by fashion style because you tend to follow what is stereotypical fashion world. Fashion industry created stereotyped supermodels that are labeled to beautiful with a thin body. Most women work so hard just to reach the supermodel figure, because of the misunderstanding of being beautiful. In the small meat is fat and being fat is not beautiful.

Financial Deficit. The stereotype is what is happening in fashion style. You often buy branded clothes that are very expensive and you tend to spend more beyond what you earn just to be up to date with fashion style and you end up broke or even in debt.

peer pressure among young women. Fashion style has influenced many young teenage girls, if you do not wear the latest clothes from famous brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana, it simply means that you are not “IN” and you can not be part of the popular girls group in your school. This adds pressure to young girls to become part of a group that often will lead to low self-esteem and even depression.

Positive effects of fashion style (again the implementation of negative effects)

Identity. Contrary to the negative effects, the style will certainly help you to be creative and unique with different styles that will fit your personality and lifestyle. It is a matter of understanding how fashion can affect you in a positive way. It is also a matter of personal preference whether you will follow what the media has branded beautiful. Fashion is about your own personal style, it’s not about looking the same as supermodels. You can be beautiful with lines as long as you feel good inside. Beauty comes from within.

avenue for savings. With a giant variety of different styles, wardrobe will not go out of style. You can mix and match, and add a little accessories, your old will become something new and trendy. You do not need to spend extra money to buy the super expensive branded clothing just to be “in” fashion. Creativity is all you need with little tips help from experts and you will create a fashion statement in your own little way.

be sure. To be popular is not an issue as long as you are confident with your appearance. Fashion is not all about expensive designer clothes. There are more species that offers quality and incredible design, but expensive designer clothes. If you are confident with your style, you will get the attention you deserve and peer pressure will no longer be an issue.

According to top designers, fashion style is not what you see on TV or magazines but that’s how creative you are by turning a simple top amazing blouse that will set trends in the fashion world. Put your worries aside and not be afraid to be wonderful ones.


70 Fashion


One of the best ways to use vintage seventies fashion today, is to mix it with a modern look. The goal is to have a modern-retro fashion look that does not turn ensemble into something resembling the costume of Charlie Angels set. Think of peasant dresses, clunky heels and high waisted Bell Bottom jeans that piece of the puzzle for you to work with as you build your own special retro fashion look.

Balance outfit can be as simple as throwing in some modern jewelry and accessories, or carry hot new designer purse. 1970 was a carryover from sloppy fashion sixties. The decade ended however with a prominent disco look that brought in and started, the sometimes bizarre 1980.

There are a lot of people who want to test the limits of retro fashion, it’s all right. If you are a retro look, however, just be careful you do not end up looking like you’re wearing a costume eighth, unless it’s the look you’re trying to achieve. You do not want to copy the fashions of the seventies. You want to change them and make them work for you in a new and exciting way.

Generally, 1970 was a time of relaxed and casual fashion. Even many of workwear from late in the decade would likely be considered too casual for the office environment today. If you are buying and wearing these seven Retro fashions, however, this could contribute to some very interesting combinations of clothing. Use your imagination and have fun as you explore what you can do with vintage and retro fashion.


Express Fashion


Let’s see fashion as other beautiful manifestation of life. In fact, the largest fashion designer in the world is Mother Nature herself with beautiful, imaginative and vivid expression of her all around. For mankind from the old days itself fashion was a source of joyful and creative expression of life just as art, science, dance, music and of course sex.

Fashion is like two worlds today, real and superficial. I think fashion is grossly misunderstood and maligned in the modern sense. In the superficial world of fashion, it is seen as a privilege of the so-called upper strata of society. This is the tragedy of fashion today. Some people with money, power and glamor flaunt the so-called fashion and the rest of the world are made to believe that this is a real fashion.

This is the kind of fashion that is being promoted and flaunted by a select few and is not accessible to most people. This is shallow and superficial world of fashion that prevails as we can see today

Express Fashion :. The virtual world of fashion

Nevertheless, we need to understand that this is just a small minority group and the real world of fashion is much richer and larger in proportion. Real fashion is about how people express their traditions and culture through clothing, jewelry, art, science, music and dance. This is the real world of fashion that has to be discovered by us. So let’s express fashion that is “real” fashion

Express Fashion :. Real fashion radiates from deep

From the individual perspective of a real fashion radiates from deep. Here you monkey never anyone. It just comes naturally to you. It is nothing but a deep desire of the heart and soul full and complete from deep and cast her out. To discover the real fashion you need to understand your inner self and a deep desire to connect with the outer world through the joyous and colorful patterns of expression.

I like “express fashion” is nothing but expressing fashion from deep inside of you. Next time you think about fashion, think about your needs and comfort and then see the magic of fashion to get fed up you really express way. When you just do it the natural way is the way, you will start to find that people take note of you.

So when we say express fashion, it is not just limited to clothes or ornaments that you wear it involves expressing radiant personality. It is an expression of inner happiness which is reflected through your body, mind, heart and soul. It comes out naturally and radiates out because of the feeling of being complete and one with nature. This is very feminine and soothing manifestation of self regardless of gender. Fashion is a beautiful manifestation of the feminine principle itself.


Fashion in 1950


1950 spawned a wide variety of original and distinctive style, presented with a classic new age twist. In America, recently recovering from catastrophic disasters related to World War II, 1950 brought back hope; the opportunity for a new way of life whose fate would be decided by them alone. This transformation of America was heavily represented fashion

Women especially dramatically changed the way they dressed and presented himself. the development of increasingly liberated society, women began to pay casual, relaxed clothes the traditional rules of dress and related formalities previous decades. Some of the most admired new trends for women in 1950, a button up sweaters with simple necklines, fitted blouses and full skirts knee-length. However, the most common fashion for women at this time were dresses. Most dresses were worn casually, and were conspicuous by circle skirts, halter straps, or small collars. Evening wear dresses seemed soft yet daring, come in many hues and pastel follow with bold ruffles, tulle trim and stunning velvet bows. The fitted evening wear this season, which was usually sleeveless or strapless, was also emphasized by the sheer silk.

growing increasingly popular, full skirts in 1950 need some kind of support to maximize their appearance. To deal with this problem, Nylon petticoats were created only to be worn in conjunction with full skirts to create fullness. Nylon was a favorable material because of its high quality and easy care washing. This complemented it created transformed the skirt which gave nothing more than a gentle swish, the glamorous royal-like flutter. Another important fashion this season is the swing coat, developed last in 1940 by Jacques Fath. Silhouette swing coat was “perfectly designed to achieve a full skirt and also ideal for a post-war high pregnancy rate.” Another trend in 1950, “trapeze dress :. A swing dress almost triangular in shape and designed for use with low shoes and bouffant hairstyles” The trapeze dress was later changed to a shorter Barbi doll tent style dress, which was popular in the next decade. Perhaps one of the classic fashion apparel since 1950, the H-line Christian Dior by 1954, which consisted of slender tunic-style suit with a slim skirt. Other popular fashions of the season was his A and Y lines. Dior has long been a dominant force in the fashion world, especially in 1950. His creative and usually voluminous garments gave women more feminine touch. Another designer, Hubert Givenchy created a Parisian style dress in 1957 he called the bed. The Sack began the development of direct-waist dresses. Initially, it developed into “created darted sheath dress and later in bulk direct short shift dress.”

Coco Chanel was another major fashion designer in 1950. Contrary to popular full and flouncy skirts, Chanel began creating boxy, now classic Chanel suit jackets and skirts shorter and textured tweed. The materials Chanel chose were always richly textured, which contributed to the high prices of the final product. Silhouette Chanel taker her was divinely lined with silk completely straight ,. Its appearance was classic, refined and adorned with details. Chanel also accessorized many of her designs with strings of pearls and collarless jackets, both of which were considered fashionable in 1950. One of the most classic trends from 1950’s empire line, which was introduced in the late 1950’s. This style was applied to dresses and shirts for the most part, and was adored by teenagers who looked innocently childlike, hence coined termed “Baby Doll style”. During the 1950s, were all teenagers expected to dress like their elders. The Empire Line was also a striking difference from what most mothers felt at the time, which contributed to its widespread adoption among teenagers in the United States.

Until the 1950s, the term “youth” was not common, and certainly not based on market group. But with a new range of effects, including film, television, rock music and magazines, teenagers began to be respected and recognized in the community. Often called the “Space Age”, 1950 was an important time in the history of science and development as well. So many aspects of life changed in this period, perhaps in part due to the recent end of World War II. America had emerged from the war with prosperity and a new identity. New consumer-based society was “forging ahead, helped by such innovations as the credit card system” (Baker, 6). These innovations, however conditions produced a similar effect on the fashion industry, but so many things in life Americans to change, they stayed clear of radical, intense Fashions while preferring the normalcy of standard development. For once, the normal way well. Another major change in 1950, increased ownership of television. Popular television programs like I Love Lucy connected Americans on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing a sense of unity in the country. Separation was completed in 1954, which brought together black and white students for the first time, however, racial tensions were still high, and also birthed the existence of civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Constant fear of communism reach state kept many Americans tight with fear. More changes result in 1950 include the discovery of DNA, launching the first space satellite, an increase of women in the workplace area, and of course, rock and roll. All these economic, social and political changes in the world affect American citizens, and the fashion industry.

Regardless affairs of the world, the best fashions that drove the industry was more influenced by those who were idolized by consumers: celebrities. Some of the most popular celebrities in 1950 Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ricky Nelson, and of course, Elvis Presley. Sexy yet simple style Marilyn Monroe was widely imitated across America, women of all shapes and sizes. Elvis Presley was another huge influence during the 1950s; not only was adored by millions of girls, but he was also the inspiration for men. At a time when only men dressed in traditional costume, Elvis broke down all the barriers that bound men navy suit and tie. Elvis wore usually clothes that were popular among the African American population. Wild fastened his trousers and Zoot suits worried conservative community America, which barely passed by such a “gender bending, race-integrating star” (source). Elvis bright and baggy clothes, makeup, and so called obscene dance all acted as a symbol of one hand the destruction of his moral America’s youth. Not all men by example Elvis set however. In fact, more men in the period dressed normally but not.

Most of the men in the 1950s kept clothes with casual and modest colors, including dark blue, dark brown, and charcoal. Individual daring young man would be pastel pink stand out; a trend that was just gaining momentum in 1950. Cardigan sweaters were popular among athletes, and the elders. Besides popular were fitted shirts, plaid flannels and collared jackets. There was flexibility in casual wear for men, and was a common sight to see the shirt tail sticking out. Basic fedora-style hats were also a staple item in the 1950s men.

Hats were also fashionable accessory for women in the 1950s, because they were considered to add the final touch of glamor to any woman’s outfit. The pillbox hat, first introduced by Balenciaga and later built by Jackie Kennedy, became one of the trendiest accessories decade. Several impressive style hat been in 1950. Some hats were covered in flower petals, while others were decorated with swirls of georgette. Gloves were also worn often by women, especially the elite social status. Some were made of cotton, which was much more affordable than leather or nylon. While gloves come in many colors and styles, clean gloves have color was white or cream were the most favored. Fur trimmings and decorated collars were also very fashionable. Pins were also considered glamorous accessories.

1950 decade where fashion changed dramatically from previous generations. Many effects of political dialogue, economic issues, new age celebrities and the media all influence clear style and trends that identify, 1950. Recovering from the casualties of World War II brought a permanent change to America, which came out in the fashions of the decade. American women craved glamorous simplicity of their new life, and the new, liberated society evolved, women in America began to liberate themselves by selecting the fashions they felt described them best. Not only was 1950’s important in history, but they also really transformed the face of fashion in America.


Fashion Apparel – Fashion Advice UK


Human beings have always been controlled by the ardent desire to look attractive and beautiful. The clothing style keeps on changing. People tend to experiment various things to look attractive. But these efforts cost them much. Fashion clothes are generally elucidated as clothes that are fashionable or trendy. These clothes are loved by both young people and adults.

Development of clothing keeps on changing. Sometimes jackets are in demand, but there are times when pullovers become a craze. This shows that people like to experiment everything to make them attractive. This phenomenon has been sustained at all times. People of all ages have experimented different styles of clothing to look trendier. However, these days there are a wide array of alternative fashion. Nowadays, people incorporate different looks like retro, hip hop and Street Wear etc. passion for flaunting off and using different combination to enhance the personality has become obvious. Terms like retro wear, hip hop, etc. have classified trends and fashion people.

Fashion designers have plunged into this arena to produce fashionable clothes at regular intervals. To meet the demands of its customers, designers continue to produce high quality and affordable clothing. They understand the taste and style of people. This allows the consumer to keep up with changing trends. The lingeries have obviously created the desired impact on the fashion community. Lingerie depends on the personal choice of the people. They are available in various patterns ranging from sexy to practical.

Lingerie like other casual clothes has styles Craze for various seasons, that offers woman the choice of colors and styles. Lingeries are available in all shapes and sizes to enable the women explore their sensuality. However, finding plus size lingerie can be a difficult endeavor. But with the advancement of garment industry, such dreadful concerns of fat woman have vanished. As such fat woman can also look seductive and beautiful with plus size lingerie. Underwear must be comfortable and should Eirik body without damaging the skin or flesh. High quality lingerie would help you increase your body shape and personality.

Designers are greatly fixing their attention to the sexy plus size lingerie to provide better collection for bulky woman. It is really very discouraging to search stores for plus size lingerie. Every woman has a desire to look sexy and beautiful. Plus size woman would no longer buy leftovers. Many shops have cropped up these days that specialize in the manufacturing of seductive lingerie for all sizes of women. There are endless possibilities to make yourself look sleek and sexy, no matter what size. Lingerie gives women a sense of joy as they can look attractive and beautiful. It gives them the opportunity to add sex appeal to their appearance. This increases their confidence and increases the overall personality.

However before purchasing lingerie find out which style and design of lingerie would enhance body shape. The style of lingerie should add positive qualities. Well-chosen clothes would drape well and enhance your photos. One should carefully choose a garment that suits one body and attitude without just blindly follow fashion trends. It is not always possible to clothes that are shown by models are the best ones and bring everyone. Different people have different physical stature and vital statistics. Thus, it is important to be extra careful while buying fashionable clothes.

However, fashionable clothes come with high price tags. But online shopping stores come to solve all your problems. The fashionable clothes in the UK are of the highest quality and stylish design. Many portals are clothes from various fashion houses and designers. Apart from the clothes they also provide various fashion accouterments and related. Users can choose fashionable clothes and accessories that add style and beauty to their personality.


Fashion Photography Tips For Beginners


successful career in fashion photography involves more than just knowing how to use your camera. I learned first hand my first trip to fashion week in New York. I went there as an assistant with the local fashion photographer I was shadowing the university. I was not quite sure what to expect as I had never been to a fashion show. Have your first fashion show to be one of the biggest is not all that bad I guess. It was an opportunity to see if this was the career I wanted to go. I had always imagined shooting a wedding or taking family portraits. This was where I met the local fashion photographer. He was originally from New York and had worked there for over 20 years. He gave me the first Intern my job and I will always be grateful. From that point on I knew exactly what I wanted to be and it was the photographer. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years of experience and others in the industry.

I know this will probably sound like a no brainer, but the easiest part of your job is to take the picture. The problem with this easy part is that most photographers know how to take pictures, but do not know how to use his camera. That is why you should always learn how to use the camera properly. There are several ways you can learn how to use the camera properly. You can teach yourself through reading manuals. These days, indoor photography forums you can ask questions and get feedback on how to use your camera. There is also an unlimited number of amateur and professional blogs photographer who can help you as well. I prefer to go to local clubs photography to get your hands on help. I also take local photography class at the local vocational school as well.

with the right equipment is essential to get good quality pictures. You need reflector and diffuser is with you at all times. You have to make sure that you have the monopod and tripods as well. When it comes to the proper lens to choose from. I have not decided the brand or model that I recommend. I think it’s more trial and error process you have to go through first. I always recommend to rent a variety of lens and even different types of camera. This will save you from spending money on the lens or camera that you do not feel comfortable with. Most companies will not take back the lens or the camera after you use it. Resell market never offers such great value to the items you may have purchased. This is the case even if it has only a few hours of use on it.

Now that you know how to use your camera, it is the right time to find a few models. I found the best way to get the form to do a shoot for free is to find one that is trying to build their portfolio. This way you can practice the techniques and both of you can work on building your portfolio. You can try a number of websites on the internet that can help you in your quest. You may want to avoid Craigslist when searching for models. This experience is invaluable in helping you with lighting technology and get comfortable directing a photo shoot. The best part is when you have gone through some shoots you have quite a few photos to work on editing skills.

No matter what kind of photos you have to understand how to use lighting properly is very important. You will be working with different kinds of lighting such as natural and studio lighting. I prefer natural lighting, but I find that most of my clients prefer studio shot. So I decided to reflectors were going to be my best friend in my studio shoots. To keep costs down in my early years. I chose to use as much natural light as I could get away with. It gave me time to work together to learn how to use different studio lighting. I was lucky enough to have a studio picture photographer in my hometown allow me to practice with its description. You can always rent lighting equipment to practice as well.

Editing photos is another process that takes time and experience to produce a quality and professional final product. There are several different programs out there that you can use to edit photos. I prefer Lightroom to edit all my pictures. You can use either a Mac or PC and with this program. How you edit your photos is really all about how you want your style to be. It may be a style that is suited specifically for a particular customer. It may be a style that is absolutely unique or one that you have seen other successful fashion photographers use. This is where you get to explore the creative side and decide how you want your post processed images to look.

The fashion industry is in constant change mode. Different style and taste come and go with every year that passes. As a fashion photographer you need to be aware of current trends. You need to be aware of the various designers. It would also be good to know the different magazines that cover the fashion industry. I do cover the largest part of a fashion show in my early years where the contacts I made. It is extremely important to work to form relationships with others within the fashion industry. I call this self-marketing yourself and it’s probably the second most important only behind the pictures you take.

A fashion shoot is not something you can do on your own. You need help in most cases with a wardrobe changes or with hair and make-up. I have a great assistant who can do all these tasks for me. Starting out I was not able to provide an assistant so I sent an ad for the high school student. This is a great way for both you and your student to work on your skills. I was also lucky enough to have a person that does not mind carrying all my gear for me. You would be surprised how much you end up having to carry out the shooting.

Sign agent was probably one of my least favorite tasks to complete. I was hoping that when I got my name up and had proven that I produce professional quality photos that work would start flowing in. Unfortunately, it was not an issue for me in my first 2 or 3 years. The big plus for me was that I did have a portfolio to present. Most drugs are not chasing you and in some cases it may be difficult to get them to even look at your work. When you have an agent they will be the one to go out and get a job in front of designers and magazines. Highly recommend hiring an agent when you have a good collection.

I feel that fashion photography is probably one of the most competitive type of photographic work to get into. For me it took lots of time and lots of patience. It may not be for everyone and that there may come a time when it is no longer for me. Listen to others who are willing to help you in your career potential. Keep an open mind when others are critical of your work. Be aggressive in marketing yourself and your work. At the end of all your hard work will pay off when you see your work on the cover of major magazines.


Fashion Photography


Want to be a fashion photographer? Fashion Photography extremely tough market to break into, but if you are willing to work hard, have a good imagination and keep the ability to take perfect images you are off to a good start.

A fashion photographer will be good in two photography subjects. First, you need to be a great picture photographer – another, you have to be able to create images for the commercial market. You will be able to combine these two if you’re going to be successful

To be a successful fashion photographer you will also have a love of fine clothes design -. Without it you will never reach the heights of peace. A fashion photographer must be up to date with all the latest fashion and have the possibility to use his / her imagination to sell the new design

Selling is the key -. As a fashion photographer must be able to sell their images to fashion editor. Fashion photography is advertising and selling clothes.

To establish a reputation in fashion photography, the first thing you have to do is set up a collection. Your portfolio should show your best work and be the first selling point phone. The second, and equally important as the first, is to set up online Portfolio -. Own website

To set up collection first hiring model. Contact local agencies sit you can do this. You do not need to hire a well-known model for fashion portfolio – you need someone who will work well in front of the camera

to be very well that you need to build a good relationship with types .. Some models can be difficult to work with such people psychology will play an important role. If you’re shooting from the studio of your cell provide for them.

If the model will be unhappy for any reason, the photo session will be a waste of time. Allow the model to make their own recommendations -. Regardless of how trivial it may be, it will help to keep them relaxed and you can get the results that could be used

When your portfolio is created you need to get exposure for it. If you have previously published work – use them as a statement photo editor. You need to establish a good relationship with all the fashion editors that you will be working with. So be professional.

Fashion photo editors are looking for concise images which clearly communicate an idea. You will, as a fashion photographer, have the ability to create unique settings

When you do collect a lot of pictures of fashion, delivering them to the fashion agency :. Women’s magazines worldwide buy hundreds of stock shots every month. Photo agencies are selling Photographers photos – some of the larger organizations have fashion buyers worldwide. Some agencies may also re-sell your work in several different markets, and others will give you a great career advice.

Keep up to date with fashion magazines, study the market and always be on the lookout for changing trends.

Do not be afraid to take the first step. If fashion editor has no interest in your job – do not worry – trying to contact different magazines or organizations -. The great photographers have their work rejected some time in his career


What is Avant-Garde Fashion?


According to the dictionary, the avant-garde current it is an artistic current that fights already known and accepted forms and traditions, suggesting revolutionary formula. In other words, this avant-garde can be considered innovative artistic movement that came out of the spirit of negation and rebellion against certain traditionalism. It has become synonymous with innovation, progress and rebellion.

In fashion, avant-garde style is defined by her personality. Many designers have been asked to define this style and they added some time to define it: a sophisticated, mysterious, difficult, charming, have striking.The accessories to be very modern, unusual but elegant. All the clothes should fit the hats, belts or shoes in the most unusual shapes.

Models may scare because of what they wear is beyond the normal picture. Avant-garde fashion means little theater. Most of the time, the clothes can not be worn on the street because they belong to the flamboyant style. They are very innovative and can be a bit shocking. Somehow, this style does not refer only to fashion. That means a mix between fashion and art.The avant-garde fashion teaches women to have a certain attitude.

Avant-garde clothes mean unusual ones that catch the eye and not let you disappear in the crowd. In fact, when talking about avant-garde fashion, we should not only talk about clothes. In the end, the result of the avant-garde is to be all form. For this reason, the make-up has to go hand in hand with the clothes.

The make-up has to express something new, unexpected and even exotic. A place for avant-garde style in fashion was associated with men and the items designed especially for them.

In the beginning, women were the perfect models to highlight these new ideas. Gradually the designers extended the rulers. First of all, they wanted to surprise through their clothes, later, every detail matters. One example can be boots designed especially for them. A blend of style, the first tendency to rejection and the craziness that wear them are some of the reactions that occur.


Famous Fashion Designers


Fashion designers use flair and know-how to create everything from hospital uniforms eye-popping outfits worn by rock stars and models. Jobs for fashion designers is expected to grow more slowly than average for all careers through 2014, according to government economists. Research on the work of several other Fashion records how fashion changed about a decade


Fashion design is also a labor of love, requiring long and little chance of superstardom. – But for many, the work itself is the reward. Fashion designers, in fact, some of the most creative and eclectic people you’ll ever meet. Fashions for men in the 19th and 20th centuries have been conservative and dull in comparison to women. Fashion industry is a big part of our economy. Here is a short list: Chanel Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (1883-1971) created a feminine fashion that provides a sense of luxury and combine the traditional clothing of women with style, fabrics and articles of clothing used by humans. Fashion revolution her liberated women to express their femininity with elegance and grace.

The Hollywood film “The Devil Wears Prada,” starring Meryl Streep, has brought much attention to the world of fashion. For more information about Prada Versace Gianni Versace (1946-1997) became interested in fashion working in a small dress shop mother. By 1978 he had become a design leader of women’s and men’s fashions. For more information about Giorgio Armani Jean-Paul Gaultier (1952-) is a French fashion designer who never received formal design training. In 1967 he bought a Polo logo and launched a global fashion empire that includes clothing lines for men and women.


high price commanded by the fashionable Fendi purses have created a large market for fake goods from Asia bearing logos that are eerily similar to the inverted FF. In 1985 they took part in a fashion show featuring “New Talent”, and the following year, they will be ready-to-wear show their first independent women. You’d have to be walking around with a bag over your head to not realize that fashion is everywhere. In order to succeed in the often cutthroat – and often debt-ridden – the world of fashion, designers can no longer hide behind the skirt of the model is

Most Fashion, but worked for clothing manufacturers, creating designs. of men, women and children’s fashions in the mass market. Employment growth for fashion designers will be possible, however, by declines in apparel manufacturing industry designers in most areas are expected to face strong competition vacancies.

Most women means had a dressmaker who would create garments according to the latest fashions. Instead of catering strictly to a few wealthy clients, coveted fashion designers now create product lines ranging from perfumes to pantyhose that reach consumers at every price point. “Consumers in the middle and lower have realized they can get just as good a fashion direction with clothing at disposable prices that they can be once and throw -. Or if it falls apart, that is not the same