Problems with the fashion industry


There are numerous dilemmas plaguing the modern fashion industry. Advertising in the fashion industry can be blamed for many community problems with weight and eating disorders. There are many people in the world who do not have the ideal body type and aggressive advertising campaigns waged by numerous corporate fashion, playing beautiful, skinny models and muscle clad men, create this illusion that this is the perfect body type and everyone should strive to look exactly like this. This puts a lot of stress on people trying to look this way. These types of advertisements have a huge impact on the youth of the current that many of them appear in magazines youth.

Another very prominent problem the fashion industry is extreme body would many of the models are playing. The vast majority of catwalk models are dangerously skinny and it has been suggested that they are suffering even from malnourishment. Members of the youth, when he saw these incredibly skinny models, can become obsessed with wanting to look like them, to the extent that they develop some eating disorders.

course, these are problems on the surface of the fashion industry. Under it all is the issue of sweatshops and child labor. In search of cheap, exploitable labor base, moving many multinational fashion business to less developed countries. So they can hire young children to work for a very long time and very low wages, especially since many of these children are so desperate. Furthermore, many of the less fortunate countries have no laws in place to protect children from being used in this way in the hands of multinational organizations. As such, making slave-labor children have no leads as they can cram better wages or better working conditions if they want to continue to do the minute amount of money that they are in this, they must simply endure the conditions they are subject .


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