Behind the scenes at a fashion show


Ever wonder what lies behind the glitz and glamor of a fashion show? If you watch fashion shows on TV, no doubt elegance and style all events would affect you. If you were lucky enough to watch the action live, the atmosphere can be overwhelming. If put together a fashion show looks easy, it is all thanks to hard working, 24 hours event management team is usually the brain and hands behind such glamorous makeup.

Before the concept for a fashion show can be determined, the designer has to decide what kind of collection he wants and then create the initial portfolio. Designers get inspired by anything and most weave design and pattern of the clothes on one theme; eg symmetric pattern with earth colors for the fall collection. Whether collection features is going to be ready to be or Haute Couture also needs to be completed. When the collection is ready, the next decision to make is where to feature the collection and when. Cities such as Paris, Milan and London have been called the world’s fashion hotspots years. Most designers have their favorite places, depending on where the bulk of their clientele comes from. When the city has decided to set up a stage and a ramp for the event comes next. Location is very importance- halls or stadiums that offer the latest lighting and other facilities give creators the freedom to organize a great theme. For example, chandeliers and other fancy lighting can help jazz up the room immensely.

theme often sets the tone for the collection and for the evening as well. What is a fashion show without music? The type of music played can help bring out the best in the group and set the tone for the evening. Those who can afford it even hire a live singer or DJ. Needless to say, the music changes with the mood of the collection and also for the proposed customers. Deciding on the model’s next. Of late, a lot of designers venture to create fashion for ‘real women’, and so the models are not exactly the size zero are quite common. Make-up artists and hair stylists working tirelessly to create a new look or a hairdo to match clothes style quotient. The guest list is important, too. After all, no designer wants to lose to offer their best customers to show. That’s where the paparazzi and the media come in, too. After all, the more media coverage, the better exposures designer and portfolio basis. Cutting edge is where you’re most likely to see the editor of fashion and other experts style, jot down notes, shaking his head or just watch. Fashion show veteran designers like Valentino or Versace, however, are bound to get a lot house, no matter how small or large collection really is. Cocktails, lavish buffet, live TV appearances and interviews are preferred norm to end such a star studded event.


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