Fashion color


for a night out in a club or night casual girl, we think always in black, sure, it’s elegant, feminine, chic, anything goes and makes you appear slimmer; but think the color is not far away from the fashion industry is booming today. Every color has not only attitudes, but also function. Bring out the color of your eyes, the brightness of your skin, find the right color and tone for every occasion and the “you”; after all, sometimes we like to play a little dress up.

If your favorite color is blue, as you peace and tranquility it brings as it makes you think of the sky or the sea. There are thousands of shades of blue as periwinkle, seen mostly in the classic jeans and blouses to light complexion skin types. Dark blue represents from the Navy itself to patriotism, a nice alternative from the black, it brings depth and severity of your appearance. Turquoise is the favorite color of fashion, it brings out the color of the eyes better than any other color, it is a nice color, a turquoise and it affords a splendid evening. Purple is also connected to the blue family; ranging from lavender, plum, lilac or purple can be seductive, romantic and secretive shadow elegance.

Red, the second primary color, also stands out as a sexy, passionate, but also serious and feminine color among the most popular shades are cherry red tomatoes red; both are very deep and go well with pale women to come with a porcelain doll look, or even 40’s Hollywood touch of reality. Another hot shade red coral, the lighter the classic red, but as sophisticated as any other color .. Coral carry great contrast with dark skin and hair in a more versatile manner

Orange is not just for Halloween. it is one of the most youthful and fun tones for adventurous and extroverted types. Fruity sensation in wither of mango, tangerine or peach tones. Orange is not difficult to be, you need to find the right shade of skin and it goes well with the classic color combination natural glow.

Yellow can also be sure not everyone likes to be, or perhaps are afraid to go, but even bright canary yellow or honey as shadows are powerful tones that occur internal to your light. Wearing yellow is a symbol of confidence and looks great with dark skin.

One of the most famous colors nowadays Thanks to the eco-friendly movement awaken in the world is green. Choose from olive, Safari inspired green, lime or mint to attract generosity, encourage balance and represent the nature and peace. If you are a redhead, the color palette for you, the darker the green, the better it suits you

The Magic of color in fashion is infinite. do not limit yourself to black and white. Have fun with colors.


Fashion – The Power of Color


You can not help it. When a woman in a red dress walks into a room, or a man in a striking black suit wearing red tie live, you turn and look. Or how about how relaxed you feel in the green room? Color is all around us and has more impact on our mood then you might think. When it comes to fashion, color is a powerful way to send non-verbal messages of confidence and ability.

“The colors one chooses for business attire tell the world a lot about him,” says Dana Persia, image consultant and the owner of DP Image Consulting. “Color does his level of success, background, status, power, personality and more.”

Here are some tips from Persia to decide what colors to add or subtract from your wardrobe

For clothes, choose a dark blue and dark gray in solids or pinstripes to create more credibility. Other acceptable colors for clothes are brown and beige. Black can be severe; the darker the color, the more weight it carries. Black is the public choice, after dark navy.

As for the color of your shirt, white is the safest and most versatile as it will go with any color suit and fit all your connections. The next best option is light or medium blue and the light pastel colors like yellow or even pink, if you are so bold. A person wearing pink actually creates an air of confidence because anyone who dares to where it will be just that!

coordinate links in bold colors such as red (power, strength, ambition, leadership), blue (coolness, confidence, conservatism, dependabilty), purple (creativity, wisdom, flamboyance) by business situation you are in .

And what do the color experts say about the meaning of color?


Black is recognized color that carries a lot of weight in social and business situations. In fashion, black is a slimming color. But at the other end of the spectrum, black can include a submission, which is why clergy often wear black. Black is high and can be off-putting or intimidating. In terms of pop culture and folklore, black related villains. If you find black too severe for office or feel too formal, break it up with a diagonal white stripes

The same applies to the dress shirt. If you are not wearing a tie, black dress shirt with subtle white stripes is a professional and modern. We like Dolce & Gabbana’s Striped Cotton dress shirt. But if you want the bad guy mysterious look, go for a solid black dress shirt and pair it with jeans for a night out with the guys or on the first day. The StretchPoplin Shirt in Black says sophisticated and a little dangerous.


In many cultures, white is the symbol of purity. Traditionally viewed as a summer color, white can now be worn year round. For fashion white goes with almost everything; However, it is show the dirt and is harder to keep clean.

White ties are hard to get but you can see more of them with the popularity of the monochromatic look. The Belisa Cloud Dancer tie looks great paired with a crisp white dress shirt or the color button down.


Without a doubt, red packs a punch. Emotionally and vibrant color, red like blood – the source of life. Red clothes get noticed, which can work for or against you. Red is high, so if you are planning to participate in the negotiations and it could work against you, red could be seen as intimidating and threatening. Red cars are also a popular target for car thieves.

For men, the red is best when worn as an accent color, as in tie.


Pink associated with romance and tranquility. A recent trend is people wearing pink shirts or ties. If you’ve ever heard the saying “real men wear pink” something to it. A person wearing a pink screams safe.

If you are not ready to commit to a pink dress shirt, pink tie is a great way to subtly fill a little color


The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is one of the most popular colors. It causes the opposite reaction as red. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms. Blue can also be cold and depressing. Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. People are more productive in blue rooms. Studies show weightlifters are able to handle heavier weights in blue gyms.

has a legal face-off coming up? If you want to pacify the opposition and appears less threatening (such as an arbitrator or a judge), light blue dress shirt, as The Burberry Herringbone dress shirt is a good choice. Or, pure white, gray or black dress shirt with a light blue tie.


You might notice your friends paint their walls green. And with good reason; Green is soothing, refreshing and easy on the eye. Green has been associated with fertility and wealth. A person who wants to convey status could wear dark green tie or shirt.


Yellow linked cheerfulness and tomorrow. But studies show that people lost their tempers more often in yellow rooms, and color seems to upset infants. It is noticeable color but hard on the eyes. On a positive note, yellow can improve concentration (explaining why legal pads are yellow) and improves the metabolism – hence the reason many kitchens are painted yellow. Brighten up a gloomy day with a soft yellow tie.


Purple represents royalty, wealth and luxury. It is romantic and feminine color, especially in the mountains and Deep Purple velvet fabrics. Purple may appear artificial, since the color is rare in nature, so if you are going for a natural look, purple may not be the right color for you. Wearing purple is all about balance. Select the tie is colorful yet not overwhelming.


Brown is the color of earth and looks good on people with Autumn skin. Beige includes candid and dark brown gives away a rustic, earthy feel with its proximity to wood and tanned leather. Brown can also be a bad color, so be sure to fill your wardrobe with a variety of colors and shades. When worn properly, brown is sophisticated in a non-intimidating way. A brown tie is a great way to send the message that you are open and honest.

Spice up your wardrobe, add a little color!


Fashion – Become an Alpha Male


To become an alpha male you have to know how to project yourself in the best possible light. Picture can be defined as a spiritual idea person.

model of some is created by the beliefs that we have about the person. It may be that the impressions we form when meeting someone new, or it may be the reputation of the person that has evolved over time. Far our other people can be based on how they look, speak and behave. The overall individual can be of various factors, including their clothing, grooming, voice tone, vocabulary, body language and social behavior. Your picture is so important because others will make conclusions based on limited information. For example, someone can be considered as reliable because they have a strong steady eye contact. They may be judged as capable, professional, successful, intelligent and rich because they are well dressed. The opposite is also true. This section will focus on how to create a strong and positive image with dress sense and fashion.

In all societies over the centuries, fashion has served as an indicator of social status and cultural belonging. It is true that the way in which people dress proclaims his place in a given society.

Military uniforms provide a very clear indication of power, position and rank. By adopting a uniform to make a clear statement of your alliances. In politics, heads of state will deliberate change their appearance when dealing with foreign cultures. Eastern leaders will dress in their own style in their own country but when to visit and negotiate with the Western people, they can leave their traditional garb in favor of a Western-style clothes. Similarly, European politicians will carefully calibrate their wardrobes to establish a connection with a certain audience.

Perhaps the greatest example of the power of appearance occurred in 1960 televised presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Kennedy looked youthful, tanned and relaxed slim-cut of his clothes. Nixon had a five o’clock shadow, looked rumpled and perspired for discussion. After discussions, surveys indicated that those who had listened to the radio overwhelming thought that Nixon had come out on top. But among those who saw the debate on television, the vast majority believed that Kennedy would have done a much better job. And we all know how the election turned out.

Fashion Tips 1

Many people have serious problems when it comes to fashion. It can cost as much as clothing trends and styles change so fast. Of course, there is no simple solution to fashion. Everyday your style may change depending on a variety of different factors. This chapter will teach you, in depth, the best way to look absolute best, in every situation. When you are done reading, go over the main points to internal teachings and your fashion sense will improve dramatically.

take account of stylish people

first step fashion excellence is becoming aware of what others are wearing. Compliment people on their style and if you see someone who is particularly well dressed, do not hesitate to stop and ask them where they bought it. You will achieve a more fashion tips like this than you could possibly realize. Most people will quite happily tell you the best stores to shop and you’ll have a much better understanding of what is in style, what to wear in certain cases, and how best to spend the money. When you scroll through the magazine, make a mental note of the best dressed celebrities, especially if they are photographed a few days, wearing different clothes. Make note of the colors and style and go out and buy a mix and match of similar items. Every fashion icon began by emulating the style of others and this is one of the best ways to get fashion up to speed.

Ensure clothes Fit

So many people overlook this important principle. Most guys who see a designer jacket for a bargain price will buy it even if it’s a size too large. It is so important that you stay fit you perfectly. If the top is too large, additional material can make it seem like you are swimming in the shirt. If you are of slim build, only a single or double breasted blazers and make sure to tailor them so they fit properly through the body. Make sure to prevent loose material under the arms or shoulder area. Oversized blazer that does not measurements will leave you looking sloppy. There are certain technical fashion that you can employ to hide their own shortcomings and focus your physical features. No matter what your body type, it is the personal style of dressing that will suit you best. With jeans, this is particularly relevant. Starting out, the most dramatic improvement you can make in style is to make sure everything fits. Sizes vary with different types but the right fit is important. Bad fit is epidemic, heal yourself.

Queer Eye for the straight guy

Who among all your friends with your best fashion sense? Go shopping with someone who has excellent taste is always a great idea. Make sure that they are honest with you and are comfortable enough to tell you what does not look good on you. The people who work in the store can often lead you astray by choosing the most expensive item of the one that really suits you best. Stand with your opinion and trust them enough to let the comfort time zone. If you recommend something that stands out a little, go with it and see what reaction you get. By standing out, you show a lot of confidence and others will often perceive you as interesting. If you are in a social gathering, women can open a conversation with you by commenting on your attire. The next time you are shopping with your friends, try on some items that you normally would shy away from. You may be surprised at how much they suit you.

Men’s Jewelry

Recently jewelry for men has seen a renaissance. Now, a new generation of young, urban metrosexuals are apparently well enough to show the feminine side of being a pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Although jewelry men still represents a fraction of the total jewelry sales, MTV bling look has helped sell a diamond-faced watches as well as a large diamond earrings. Mass market jewelery retailers have cottoned on to this trend and are in a race to get the actors to endorse a number of jewelry for men. Tiffany had quietly expanded its usual watch and cufflink collections to include silver pendants, rings and bracelets.

When the photos of Brad Pitt appeared in magazines, showing the actor wearing a silver pendant and cufflinks for the movie Oceans Twelve men were out looking to buy “Brad Pitt” pieces. Similarly, Orlando Bloom has been photographed wearing jewelry men’s magazine cover and actor Johnny Depp is well known for its leather bracelets. George Clooney has also been seen wearing jewelry very understated, confident manner. It is not surprising that jewelry retailers will win the celebrity circuit in any way. At the Cannes festival this year, it was a desperate race to dress film stars with exquisite dresses, shoes and jewelry. The jeweler Chopard hired the entire floor of the Majestic Hotel devoted to the heavily guarded treasure suite in an effort to entice celebrities to borrow some of their jewels for the occasion. Also new works were flown today from Geneva to actors borrowed.

Awards performances and fashion shows are becoming all important introduced Arenas for jewelry retailers. Competition among jewelry makers is increasing as the market for jewelry and jewelry for men expands with the growth of economies in Asia and the United States. In fact, any person can put on the show is the key to a nifty accessorising. According to a new study of the judgment, British men now spend £ 1.1billion a year on accessories, one-fifth of it is spent on jewelry and watches. So as far as men are concerned, men’s rings could be just as important accessories like wearing a watch or carry the latest mobile phones. The same trend is seen in India, where young men appear more open about the public more feminine side. Jewelry retailers in major Indian cities have seen a boom in sales of men’s rings, bracelets and earrings.


Fashion Trends


Successful retailers need to forecast the fashions that their consumers will be looking for. Even top designers meet regularly surveys before designing seasonal lines and large retailers consulted experts predict before buying stock for their stores. So how does an independent boutique agency access to valuable industry information and trend prediction?

Above all, to monitor what is happening in the weekly celebrity glossy monthly fashion magazines, will give you an upfront view of the new names in design, what consumers will be shopping for and where development plans.

Consumer spending is a powerful influence on the media, but tempered by the economy so as to find out what consumers are actually buying it is advisable to make regular visits occupied similar retailers and local shopping centers. Take your time, where you can chat with clerks. They are in the front line and it gives them a unique perspective on the needs of the consumer and what the customer is looking for. Other very rich source of information will be available online in the journal fashion forums, Elle, Vogue, InStyle etc have very active forums fashion consumers. These are useful hints to find out what is being bought and buzz coming style.

In the past, US retailers looked to European retailers for market development. Today, more American retailers are finding inspiration closer to home. There is a lot of undiscovered local designers in their own backyard us who are gaining a dedicated following. With a little research you can find these rising stars and establish a relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

Other important ways to see development is to subscribe to industry trade publications like Accessories magazine, Apparel News and WWD. These publications are essential especially if you are a boutique in a small town and do not plan to attend industry trade shows. These magazines also now have websites that provide up-to-date reports policy.

Today, between each marked fashion trend, we experience a new adaptation of the fashion standards, especially routine-retro-revivals. Now this is taking shape spandex leggings, 80’s fashion and neo-preppie look. Wayfarer sunglasses popularized by movies like “The Blues Brothers” and “risky business” have returned (but in larger sizes and bolder colors) and even some of the biggest names in the 80’s and 90’s fashion model scene enjoyed a career revival with high. fashion and cosmetics companies featured in the ad

The best way to see new fashion trends to look for appropriate visual input where you can – in vintage stores, flea markets and street. There are also a lot of fashion blogs and online showcases discuss what local residents in big cities are tiring, thse are invaluable resources. Chief among them are The Satori List,, London Street Fashion ( and

Whether you are an established retailer or current boutique owner, ongoing research and development is an important function watch your business if you are to develop and succeed. Spotting trends or even a development will be achieved through the eyes follow the market, pay attention to fashion and know your industry. As always, “knowledge is power” in this case it is power you can leverage the great sales!


Fashion and Adolescents


adolescence represent a transitional period into adulthood. Teenagers begin to develop independence and their unique views on issues of life. Fashion trend has changed considerably from the days when Indians camp in the United States. When it comes to shopping, teenagers like to choose their own clothes and fashions at this time in their lives. Sometimes teenagers and parents agree what clothes to buy, sometimes they disagree.

adolescence can be called “Acne Years”. This year can turn into a nightmare that often continue into adulthood. Many products are available without the desired results. We have products that will eliminate these nightmares.

Useful develop identity

Some teen fashion statements are going to be crazy, but they might be bearable. If you come across something that really reaches them, make sure to give them a good eye roll. It could encourage them to be that style. You may think it looks funny, but at least they are insured. It should be your main concern. You can put songs when you see a teen fashion seems to be too light, but you can encourage them to do so.

Although teen fashion comes and goes and you can expect that the main purpose of these fashions is to ensure that they dress nothing like their parents. Teenagers have a strong need to set their own style, and figure out what their own identity is a clip from their parents. It is a perfectly normal part of growing up, and if the parent does not roll your eyes just a little when teenagers Fashions See, these kids are going to be confused and they can try something else. It might be good to keep in mind.

Teens have a greater selection of clothes than ever. From running pants and bottoms and outerwear, younger style jeans, teen clothing and active wear is a great way to live your youth.


Influence of Art in Fashion


Sometimes the most ordinary of thing that we take for granted, inspire a designer collection. Stories have been told about designers being creatively inspired by something as mundane as falling leaves or differentially cloud shapes. Most designers view Their work as being art Itself, Which Explains why some of the designs That are seen on the runaway might Appear weird and not fit to be worn in society.

Art similarly draws its inspiration from life as we know it. Some of the best selling pictures have been made on the most ordinary of subjects- take Van Gogh’s Sunflowers for example, Which is after all a painting of a vase with sunflowers. So it is not unusual for both matches These Mediums of creativity to walk hand in hand and Influence eachother. While paintings have been made on models, certainties Poses, or Even fashion shows, art and Certain styles related to artistic movements are REFLECTED time and again on the runaway.

Such is the relation between art and fashion That Critics have wryly commented on Both forms being lovers rather than a couple. Cubist motifs, minimalist Expressions, lines, Patterns, cubes, avant garde art, impressionist Even shades have all surfaced in fashion at some point or the other. To the extentions That fashion Critics Claim That strong political views, changes in society or other history-changing events-which Can be seen in art are also REFLECTED IN fashion from time to time. Cubism in particular Seems to have been very popular in the fashion world.

The artists belief That everything in nature could be reduced to cylinders, spheres and cones, has greatly show up in designs on the runaway. Garments with geometric details, dresses with paintings on themself and pants with lines on Them are some popular looks That have done well. Sometimes, a certainties style goes beyond just fashion and becomes a look in Itself. Take Goth for example- not only was it an Influence on architecture and art but in fashion as well. Today, the look of silver jewelery, black nail polish, heavy black eye shadow and lipstick, all symbolize the Goth look. T-shirts with paintings on themself, squiggles, or other art work, are some of the best selling garments Which Can Be found in Nearly everybody’s wardrobe.

Last year, color blocking typical of the Piet Mondrian style, surfaced on the runaway of a designer like Jonathan Saunders. Soft, painted floral designs-which reminded viewers of fields of flowers, were the key highlight in the collections of designers like Balenciaga. This year howeverwhole, designs as realistic as photographs were featured on the runaway too in a very unusual manner. For instance Branquinho had his silk dresses feature prints of landscapes. Large scale photo prints also showed & up in t shirts with sunsets and dresses with the landscape of a desert. Accessories Such as scarves too have latched on to the trend. Markus Lupfer’s scarf-which had prints of faces, is one example.

One Can assume That as fashion Continues its never ending experiments with art, in a bid to create Create the unusual, the relationship between fashion and art will never end .


Teenage Fashion History


The word “teenager” was first coined in the 1950s, at a time when Teenage Fashion had found its place and niche market was created. Teenagers were now a closed group with their own emotions, style, attitude and ways of perceiving life; it is their own personality.

Malcolm Barnard says in his book of fashion communication, “Fashion and apparel has always been described as forms of communication.” Teenagers now have their own voice to speak their minds and they manage to make it through fashion.

Being a teenager is to be rebellious. If you check out the decades of teen fashion you could see that they have a proven way out rebellion.

Back in the fifties, when a teen fashion firs seemed it would follow the famous appearance of James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause.” However, their clothes did not differ too much from the overall trends in fashion, girls could be seen wearing dresses fluffed out with petticoats and crinolines under the skirt. Boys wore tight Levis, chinos, white or black tight shirts, as well as loafers or Converse shoes with leather jackets.

Fashion is totally influenced and “manipulated” by history. This historic event put hallmark of fashion decades ago, as the clothes show lifestyle of people, ideas and even prejudices.

In 1960, the fashion and the music began to go hand in hand. Pop and rock music began to influence fashion in a way like never before. Fashion icons, like The Beatles, or rebellious rock star, as Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger, was to speak for the younger generation and they represented the main force.

In the 1970s, the disco era was great and colorful. The materials of the decade were polyester, acrylic and Lycra. Dresses women were getting on their knees and men wore bell bottoms, jackets and gold chains. Platform shoes were big on the dance floor and shirt patterns were dizzying.

1980 brought the aerobic craze. The final composition was tight, shiny stretch leggings paired with over-sized, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. The pop singer Madonna was at its peak at that time and it affects young people a sense of style very much.

1990, in terms of youth fashion, represented a mixture of a whole lot of different styles. Boy bands and girl bands pop music were pretty eclectic in terms of clothes and they were admired by the young generation. It was time for platform shoes back that shows up in many shoes from sandals to tennis shoes. The colors are dramatic or pastel, the classic color black was still used for dramatic effect in fashion.

Now, teen clothing is very comfortable in every way. The main trends are vintage blue jeans with trendy. Teenagers clothes need to be accessible in terms of price, the expenses of young people is somewhat limited in the amounts collected in their piggy banks.


The Best Urban Hip-Hop Fashion Trends


The fashion rules the world, the nation and the world market. So prepare yourself for the latest fashion trends this year. When we talk become fashionable first we associate it with the women. The women in the world are very fashion crazy and they go to all extremes to be a fashionable trend.

fashion expert predicted that the latest hip hop trends in women will be chunky knits that are going to dominate the winter world of women’s fashion

In autumn and winter :.

• Thick finishes and vibrant colors will be in vogue.

• Plus stylish jumper sweaters and stylish knitted scarves are going to be the latest trend.

• The laddered stocking is back and is here to stay in the fashion world. This is usually worn with short skirts and you need to lose a few pounds here and there so that you can prepare yourself for short skirts too

a beautiful spring :.

• Transparent clothing is back with a vengeance plus people will opt for one shouldered dress so prepare ourselves and lose the pounds that are making you fat.

• One piece dresses and denim skirts are also going to be splashed all over the world.

men’s fashion this year:

• denim pants, jeans and jackets will be the turn of the year.

• Plus Athletic Jersey here forever like they never go out of fashion.

• Striped shirts and dress pants are.

• Black leather jackets always grow fashionable trends and are here to stay for good. Suits and men Tank tops are in.

• The winter trend was thermal wear during spring wear will really be the heat transfer tee shirt.

• Tee shirt with the funniest inscriptions be sprawled all.

• And vintage clothing is jeans leather skirts and minis as well as embroidered clothing will also be the most fashionable attire.

• All the clothes from your jacket to jeans will be made up by trendiest embroidery.

These are the fashionable trends that are going to hire a globalized world, the most important that we should take heed to is that we should always follow the fashion that suits our style and physique another instead of looking trendy and stylish we look definitely something out of this world.

Vera age and then choose the fashion that suits you as looking good is what really matters in the end. Fashion industry is thriving as it took advantage of the fact that everyone wants to look attractive and fashionable. Fashion trends for men are quite different from those women who fashion trend for women to be stylish and follow the latest trends while men prefer to be smart and professional.

This is the main reason why there are clothing stores many women then men plus women’s fashion shop owners have a more competitive price and style they need to attract women customers.


Clothing, Fashion, Trade Show in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV – February 14-16, 2011: ENKVegas again brought juried selection of quality merchandise for the discerning buyers. Always intimate experience, ENKVegas is undoubtedly the best Las Vegas has to offer in the luxury fashion shows. This view buyers among alternative brands, such as Botiker, Red Engine and Laila Jayde. Only to turn around and fall in love with ecoSkin sweaters, Rich and skinny jeans and Rory Beca dresses.

embody the sexy-meets-comfortable while fashion is now experiencing, Modal is looking to be a violation of the star material with the use of a multitude of designers for both the spring and fall. Hodges Collection used modal lot of tops and dresses. Tie-Dye Maxi dresses (blue and black) were bestselling line items in this exhibition with a strong show for their slouchy, off-the-shoulder sweaters. Fall brought purchasers to Hodges Collection interested in three-quarter length, three-button overcoats in earthy, forest colors. To complete the contemporary Bohemian look buyers are trying to reproduce in their stores, California-based Jenny B Clothing, received heavy orders for thin, their cotton-blend scarves in colorful animal prints.

San Francisco specialty Knitwear company, Margaret O’Leary, was well prepared for the demand buyers showed for cashmere sweaters and cotton knits. Done in chunky stripes or asymmetric, cowl necklines, these knits wowed in popular colors like red peppers, mustard, chestnut, butterscotch, blue and dark green. Equally sumptuous were simple, everyday knits created with Fresh Laundry; a slouchy / sexy aura design was spot on with details like ribbing with slits along the bottom and cuffed sleeves. Showing slightly different palette, Fresh Laundry indicated they did well with iceberg gray, mocha and charcoal.

MINK PINK, line much loved by the Kardashian sisters, injected a little pizzazz in the showroom with their bestselling maxi skirts in folksy prints and 1970-inspired Florals. Animal prints, especially leopard, did very well and made chunky, cable knit sweaters with a vintage vibe. MINK PINK capitalized hippy, peasant top trend with saffron orange weaving its way around the collection. Most updated their snood sold strongly and without hesitation skirts and dresses outsold shorts and pants as reported by the brand.

Luxury handbag designer Botiker introduced what are bound to be some of the most coveted leather bags in the fall season. Unlike other brands, sold color-blocking style well Botiker, which made ladylike structures, two-tone saddle bags and oversized clutches. While jewel tones dominated the line, jets of cranberry, pewter and orange popped up, as did embossed snakeskin. Sienna Ray & Co., a Vancouver based line, came buyers category with a line of convertible handbags. Not only could most be worn over the shoulder or across the body, but they were also satchels and break the clutches when certain straps were added or deleted. Their signature washed and wrinkled leather arrived in spring colors of teal, turquoise, beige and maple with eggplant, caramel and cocoa for fall.

As unlikely as Austin, TX is a place where one-of-a -kind, vintage-inspired jewelry is created, it is where Ax + Apple Jewelry call home. The museum is built around the gold braid and sterling silver necklace decorated with old coins, pocket knives and glass beading among other works. A distinct Native American vibe winds through their collection, very much in the moment. Other accessories lined with vintage flair, NYC-based Erica Weiner, made heads turn with necklaces adorned with porcupine quills, ginkgo leaves and miniature harmonicas (that actually work!). A charm-based collection, necklaces sold best, Bent feather her bracelets and stud earrings. Buyers take note; consumers are increasingly interested in supporting eco-conscious brands, Erica Weiner being one of the trailblazers of this movement in the accessories.


Latest developments in the Bridal Fashion Jewelry


Whether it was the stunning 12 carat diamond engagement ring Hollywood legend Grace Kelly, or mesmerizing diamond tiara worn by Kate Middleton on the day of her wedding, or even a recent 20 carat diamond engagement ring gracing reality star finger Kim Kardashian’s, bridal jewelry has always been talk of the town. Wedding day is the most important day in the life of the bride. It is her chance to shine and her chance at happily ever after. It is important to let no stone unturned in ensuring that the bride looks her best as she walks down the aisle. Wedding jewelry plays a big role in promoting the transformation of the bride from simple, Girl Next Door a stunning view of beauty. Wide range of choices available today make for the perfect piece of bridal fashion jewelry slightly daunting task, but this also means that there is something out there for everyone.

The bridal jewelry market today is filled with new designers who bring a breath of fresh air to the world of wedding jewelry with new and innovative design, and specify brides today the best of choose from. Bridal fashion jewelry today also reflects the rapidly changing trends in the fashion world. For example, fashion is now made up of over-the-top and extravagant pieces, opting instead for a simple, creative and aesthetically pleasing pieces. While we’ll be seeing a lot of stone and crystal jewelry this season, Pearl continues to be a hot favorite with the fashion experts of elegance they communicate. Be prepared to see a lot of blue and fashion experts have in the color of the season in terms of fashion jewelry. Keeping things as simple as possible, experts also point vintage, retro or antique pieces or a new composition of the same. Dramatic and unusual necklaces that are simple and unique are also making waves in the world of wedding jewelry.

In addition to the latest trends in fashion, a lot of other factors to take into consideration that the bride jewelry is a perfect match with her dress. Color, neck and materials used in making the dress, all play a crucial role in deciding bridal jewelry. The stones used in the bridal fashion jewelry will also be considered before making a choice, as each stone has its own significance.

Brides today also have the option to purchase custom, handmade jewelry, huge potential that allows the bride to creating and designing jewelry for themselves, to ensure that bridal fashion jewelry she wears on the all-important today reflects her personality. Another option for those pressed for time to shop online for wedding jewelry. A large number of secure websites now make it easier to browse through their products, get all the necessary information as well as reviews from previous customers and buy jewelry without having to leave the comfort of your home. Simple but elegant, unique yet understated, which is the mantra for bridal jewelry fashion this season.