The Best Urban Hip-Hop Fashion Trends


The fashion rules the world, the nation and the world market. So prepare yourself for the latest fashion trends this year. When we talk become fashionable first we associate it with the women. The women in the world are very fashion crazy and they go to all extremes to be a fashionable trend.

fashion expert predicted that the latest hip hop trends in women will be chunky knits that are going to dominate the winter world of women’s fashion

In autumn and winter :.

• Thick finishes and vibrant colors will be in vogue.

• Plus stylish jumper sweaters and stylish knitted scarves are going to be the latest trend.

• The laddered stocking is back and is here to stay in the fashion world. This is usually worn with short skirts and you need to lose a few pounds here and there so that you can prepare yourself for short skirts too

a beautiful spring :.

• Transparent clothing is back with a vengeance plus people will opt for one shouldered dress so prepare ourselves and lose the pounds that are making you fat.

• One piece dresses and denim skirts are also going to be splashed all over the world.

men’s fashion this year:

• denim pants, jeans and jackets will be the turn of the year.

• Plus Athletic Jersey here forever like they never go out of fashion.

• Striped shirts and dress pants are.

• Black leather jackets always grow fashionable trends and are here to stay for good. Suits and men Tank tops are in.

• The winter trend was thermal wear during spring wear will really be the heat transfer tee shirt.

• Tee shirt with the funniest inscriptions be sprawled all.

• And vintage clothing is jeans leather skirts and minis as well as embroidered clothing will also be the most fashionable attire.

• All the clothes from your jacket to jeans will be made up by trendiest embroidery.

These are the fashionable trends that are going to hire a globalized world, the most important that we should take heed to is that we should always follow the fashion that suits our style and physique another instead of looking trendy and stylish we look definitely something out of this world.

Vera age and then choose the fashion that suits you as looking good is what really matters in the end. Fashion industry is thriving as it took advantage of the fact that everyone wants to look attractive and fashionable. Fashion trends for men are quite different from those women who fashion trend for women to be stylish and follow the latest trends while men prefer to be smart and professional.

This is the main reason why there are clothing stores many women then men plus women’s fashion shop owners have a more competitive price and style they need to attract women customers.


Clothing, Fashion, Trade Show in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV – February 14-16, 2011: ENKVegas again brought juried selection of quality merchandise for the discerning buyers. Always intimate experience, ENKVegas is undoubtedly the best Las Vegas has to offer in the luxury fashion shows. This view buyers among alternative brands, such as Botiker, Red Engine and Laila Jayde. Only to turn around and fall in love with ecoSkin sweaters, Rich and skinny jeans and Rory Beca dresses.

embody the sexy-meets-comfortable while fashion is now experiencing, Modal is looking to be a violation of the star material with the use of a multitude of designers for both the spring and fall. Hodges Collection used modal lot of tops and dresses. Tie-Dye Maxi dresses (blue and black) were bestselling line items in this exhibition with a strong show for their slouchy, off-the-shoulder sweaters. Fall brought purchasers to Hodges Collection interested in three-quarter length, three-button overcoats in earthy, forest colors. To complete the contemporary Bohemian look buyers are trying to reproduce in their stores, California-based Jenny B Clothing, received heavy orders for thin, their cotton-blend scarves in colorful animal prints.

San Francisco specialty Knitwear company, Margaret O’Leary, was well prepared for the demand buyers showed for cashmere sweaters and cotton knits. Done in chunky stripes or asymmetric, cowl necklines, these knits wowed in popular colors like red peppers, mustard, chestnut, butterscotch, blue and dark green. Equally sumptuous were simple, everyday knits created with Fresh Laundry; a slouchy / sexy aura design was spot on with details like ribbing with slits along the bottom and cuffed sleeves. Showing slightly different palette, Fresh Laundry indicated they did well with iceberg gray, mocha and charcoal.

MINK PINK, line much loved by the Kardashian sisters, injected a little pizzazz in the showroom with their bestselling maxi skirts in folksy prints and 1970-inspired Florals. Animal prints, especially leopard, did very well and made chunky, cable knit sweaters with a vintage vibe. MINK PINK capitalized hippy, peasant top trend with saffron orange weaving its way around the collection. Most updated their snood sold strongly and without hesitation skirts and dresses outsold shorts and pants as reported by the brand.

Luxury handbag designer Botiker introduced what are bound to be some of the most coveted leather bags in the fall season. Unlike other brands, sold color-blocking style well Botiker, which made ladylike structures, two-tone saddle bags and oversized clutches. While jewel tones dominated the line, jets of cranberry, pewter and orange popped up, as did embossed snakeskin. Sienna Ray & Co., a Vancouver based line, came buyers category with a line of convertible handbags. Not only could most be worn over the shoulder or across the body, but they were also satchels and break the clutches when certain straps were added or deleted. Their signature washed and wrinkled leather arrived in spring colors of teal, turquoise, beige and maple with eggplant, caramel and cocoa for fall.

As unlikely as Austin, TX is a place where one-of-a -kind, vintage-inspired jewelry is created, it is where Ax + Apple Jewelry call home. The museum is built around the gold braid and sterling silver necklace decorated with old coins, pocket knives and glass beading among other works. A distinct Native American vibe winds through their collection, very much in the moment. Other accessories lined with vintage flair, NYC-based Erica Weiner, made heads turn with necklaces adorned with porcupine quills, ginkgo leaves and miniature harmonicas (that actually work!). A charm-based collection, necklaces sold best, Bent feather her bracelets and stud earrings. Buyers take note; consumers are increasingly interested in supporting eco-conscious brands, Erica Weiner being one of the trailblazers of this movement in the accessories.


Latest developments in the Bridal Fashion Jewelry


Whether it was the stunning 12 carat diamond engagement ring Hollywood legend Grace Kelly, or mesmerizing diamond tiara worn by Kate Middleton on the day of her wedding, or even a recent 20 carat diamond engagement ring gracing reality star finger Kim Kardashian’s, bridal jewelry has always been talk of the town. Wedding day is the most important day in the life of the bride. It is her chance to shine and her chance at happily ever after. It is important to let no stone unturned in ensuring that the bride looks her best as she walks down the aisle. Wedding jewelry plays a big role in promoting the transformation of the bride from simple, Girl Next Door a stunning view of beauty. Wide range of choices available today make for the perfect piece of bridal fashion jewelry slightly daunting task, but this also means that there is something out there for everyone.

The bridal jewelry market today is filled with new designers who bring a breath of fresh air to the world of wedding jewelry with new and innovative design, and specify brides today the best of choose from. Bridal fashion jewelry today also reflects the rapidly changing trends in the fashion world. For example, fashion is now made up of over-the-top and extravagant pieces, opting instead for a simple, creative and aesthetically pleasing pieces. While we’ll be seeing a lot of stone and crystal jewelry this season, Pearl continues to be a hot favorite with the fashion experts of elegance they communicate. Be prepared to see a lot of blue and fashion experts have in the color of the season in terms of fashion jewelry. Keeping things as simple as possible, experts also point vintage, retro or antique pieces or a new composition of the same. Dramatic and unusual necklaces that are simple and unique are also making waves in the world of wedding jewelry.

In addition to the latest trends in fashion, a lot of other factors to take into consideration that the bride jewelry is a perfect match with her dress. Color, neck and materials used in making the dress, all play a crucial role in deciding bridal jewelry. The stones used in the bridal fashion jewelry will also be considered before making a choice, as each stone has its own significance.

Brides today also have the option to purchase custom, handmade jewelry, huge potential that allows the bride to creating and designing jewelry for themselves, to ensure that bridal fashion jewelry she wears on the all-important today reflects her personality. Another option for those pressed for time to shop online for wedding jewelry. A large number of secure websites now make it easier to browse through their products, get all the necessary information as well as reviews from previous customers and buy jewelry without having to leave the comfort of your home. Simple but elegant, unique yet understated, which is the mantra for bridal jewelry fashion this season.


Fashion, Clothing and Style, get the latest news with Satellite Internet


For many young and not so young ladies, fashion is their passion. Who can resist a great little black dress or killer pumps? Luckily for them, fashion and haute couture are now accessible to all with the dawning of the Internet age. A high speed hookup, ie DSL or satellite Internet, giving you full access to the brilliant and vibrant world of high fashion.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of pages dedicated to all things fashion on the Internet. Most of them are filled with high res photos and fashion collages. You can see the latest creations and designs from top stylists and design houses like Gareth Pugh or Chanel. Many designers and even models keep their own blogs to give you an insider’s look behind the scenes of fashion week NY for instance.

The Canadian model Coca Rocha, she brilliant red tresses, has its very own blog in which she shares details of her daily life. She often posts quirky videos of her and one for her figure friend Behati hanging out, lip synching to Beyonce and shopping.

Korean supermodel Daul, keeps up her own blog as well, filled with odd stream of thought ramblings and witty remarks.

Ex-Top Model contestant Elyse Sewell pens a very amusing and acerbic yet always droll LiveJournal detailing her ‘ladyposing’ hijinks in Hong Kong and China. She takes great pictures of street meat and old Chinese man play Mahjong.

There is a whole legion of fashion adoring girls who keep their own rocking blogs. Although they are not in the industry itself, the blog of thousands perhaps millions of admiring fans who have RSSed favorite scribes to keep up with each and every post.

Style Bubble, composed of one Susanna Lau, former fashion outsider who now works for dazed, is famous for its quirky and distinctive sense of her fashion. Her outfits are duly displayed on her blog for all to marvel.

Fashion Toast is a blog kept by a girl named Rumi, who had made a name for himself in the blogosphere interest her fashion picks and svelte look.

Tavi is a young 12 year old fashion blogger who gets sent garb by her favorite Japanese designers.

Of course, you also get tons of online stores for fashion lover. presents high end haute fashion. collects clothing from a number of different labels and fashion companies. Delia has great deals on clothing girl. For one of a kind, hand made pieces, you can not go wrong with Etsy. Vintage bargain hunters often scour eBay stores. is also a great place to go to find great vintage items. carries all the shoes you could ever want.

There are a number of social networking sites based on fashion. Style Hive, for example, you can upload outfits and pick and choose different items of clothing to display on your site. Mystyle is another example.

There are also quite a few pages street styles out there, so you can peek at what people are wearing on the streets of Helsinki, Prague or Buenos Aires with a few clicks of your mouse, and a high speed satellite internet connection of course.


Fashion – Catalyst for social change


Midway through the last century, fashion and style began to take on a much more complex context of social issues of the day. When the Beatles exploded on the scene in the early 60’s, style became much more well-connected point of view and political persuasion than at any time in the past.

One of the first contacts between fashion and social issues, the Vietnam War and develop resistance to the conflict. Invariably, those strongly opposed to the war wore their hair long and favored tie-dyed “hippie” clothes while those who supported the conflict wore their hair short and chose clothes that were much more conservative in nature.

When the opposition managed to speed the end of the Vietnam conflict, it seemed natural that these activists (as they were now called) would turn their attention to other pressing social and style and fashion offered several flashpoints that could be exploited .

Animal rights activists came down hard on the fashion industry for supporting brutal capture and kill animals to support many of the most popular styles of the day including furs, minks and other apparel. This led to a number of consumer boycotts and then wear the clothes were often facing the street.

It was at this time that Hollywood began to inject much more in social issues and thus began a long line of actors and actresses who would take strong stands on these issues again, the fashion world was a perfect target.

When the United States began to lose its “already dominant position in the textile industry, most of the industry shifted to less developed parts of the world where working conditions often approach” Sweat Shop “position. With Hollywood taking the lead, consumers boycotted many of the companies taking these ill-treated workers making garments and in many cases, failed to change the policy.

In today’s world, fashion is becoming more closely aligned with the Green movement and it is becoming fashionable these days be “eco-chic” and this trend seems to be gaining momentum. As consumers become more educated about the complexities of the garment business, they will want to know about all the details involved in getting clothes on the market and will expect to get the same transparency from clothing companies that they now expect from the food industry.

Fashion and style in the past, all were to create an image but now that figure can also include a personal value set by the wearer and it looks as if This connection between fashion and social issues is here to stay.


Fashion – Back to the Future


Which style are comfortable wearing? Do you know where in the fashion that you feel comfortable wearing came from? The world of fashion and design is truly compelling the intrigue and excitement it provides people like you who are among those who enjoy the show different trends in fashion. Whims that are all present, all came from the last design that started way back in the 19th century. Knowing this will give you an idea of ​​the real personality that you have been dreaming to show in fashion as well as the ones that made a mark in the mod world that most men and women are getting.

From long ago, even if they are also integrated in the same fashion sense among many designers; women are more targeted fashion design. In the earliest years of mod design, the name that started it all goes back to Charles Frederick Worth (1826-1895). His success began vintage fashion, even before the Maison Couture in Paris began. Worth was more than just a format; He was the very first man had always dictated what his clients be! Could you imagine the great achievement it was to be dictator of fashion at the time?

You can trace back to this term trend drawing fashion paper among designers for film rights fall afford their design and form and pattern design is intended to have, who would have guessed that this practice goes far back ? Many fashion houses commissioned services painters and artists to make design promotion for customers to see, but really need to make a completed form, which evolved versions of the blades.

fashion world turned French fashion in the early 1900s, this was a time of an hour glass shape for women began in vintage fashion, they have shown; the corset that some women are still wearing the day became very famous show S-bend contours. You can just imagine how women have been so vain in their waistline already. Flimsy lines came after 1908, leaving bulky petty coats under his clothes. The Pleating and dyeing process was reflected in clothing until World War II, where women were dressing for comfort and not fashion, women learned to work and became practical at this time.

Pils was introduced in 1915 in ankle length until it became less up to mid-calf. The Vintage Fashion began to have short skirts along with the advent of cars. Major changes took place, parking for cars; Long train gowns to pinafores above the knee; skirt short bobs until women start even borrow clothes from men’s fashion. The A-line skirt not take so long to be patronized as many fashion design was introduced very quickly in the market. Some of hairstyle and fashion of the time change over time and some very famous designers in the day when it came from this era of vintage clothing design as Jean Patou and Coco Chanel as well as many others.

The sudden change in women’s fashion was back in the 40s, many vintage fashion house closed. After the war, a new fashion came with a complete new look, the designers of the early years as Chanel liked the new look, that was the end of women following the Paris fashion.

60s it was possible to introduce Retro fashion; Extreme simplicity has almost spend glamorous fashion style from 1900 until radical expression clothes match the music and lifestyle; Glam rock and punk are among the examples.

There you wear now even reflections on the last fashion worlds came. Inspiration in the art of fashion is found in retro fashion 60s to 80s. Scarves, and pant cuts and even skirts are made of different patches of past fashion world. Look back and there will always be a fashion you can emulate in your personal style. It’s really fashion world out there!


Meet The Beatles: Fashion Trends


From Please Please Me Abbey Road, the Beatles certainly made its mark on a generation which they presided. In fact, the English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960 has affected all aspects of popular culture, from music, to slang, fashion and beyond. In the 1960s, as the Beatles were quickly rising to fame in the fashion world was also quickly conquered by up-and-coming, modern, minimalist style (known as mod). While the band was first and fore mostly known for their musical success, they soon on the role of style icons for entire generations of young people, first in Britain and then worldwide.

Many people know that fashion design is an integral part of the success of popular culture act. Managers Beatles quickly realized this and worked to set the look of the band apart from many other popular development of their age. Men’s Fashion in the late fifties was all about greasy, slicked back hair, leather jackets and jeans. John, Paul, George and Ringo, four young men who made up the Beatle he took England by storm with un-slicked their shaggy hairdos, Chelsea boots and smart, fit clothing ensembles. The layout was simple, but incredibly effective. The hairdo was called the “mop-top”, and young people around the world went about adorning the super cool new style Beatle is.

original boy band to end all boy bands began to increase the style of the sixties and seventies. They went from plain, straight legged clothing turtlenecks, bright, collarless suit Mod. They even managed to popularize loud patterns like Paisley. As they grow older and often changed their style reflected growing world experience their psychedelic mood of the seventies. And as the Beatles grew individuals, the world was with them, mimicking their every move.

effect Beatle’s style is timeless, just like their music. Just as you flick the radio dial and almost certainly come across a Beatle’s style of play, you can walk around campus every fashion school and spot some John Lennon-inspired, round glasses, or mop-top hairdo or two …


Global Fashion Industry: How does geography play a role


There is a very interesting industry, if you think about it. Much of the more arcane for the common man and development coming and eventually replace never really feel like a big deal to most of us. However, if you look back, you might be able to evaluate the changes that this has had on the human race. In fact, a better understanding of the global fashion industry might make you appreciate how important this particular industry. There are a lot of factors that go into shaping this industry, some of which are discussed below.

Local atmosphere

Depending on how the local atmosphere might be, this is too prone to the same image. Therefore, if there is some kind of political imbroglio in the land, it is bound to affect it just as much. Even culture plays a role here and leads fashion will be heavily influenced by the culture and heritage of the designer. As one might witness the fashion industry worldwide, many of creation are a direct result of cultural influence area. This is a common phenomenon in the global industry.

Economic conditions

It is the end of the day, is yet another industry. Hence it follows that money makes a big presence in this industry and the lack of which will clearly have an impact in the industry. Prominent designers are constantly looking out for a growing and profitable market. If they find it not in the place they are in, they are guaranteed to look for it elsewhere. This is something important to frequently change the seat of power in the global fashion industry. A city could be considered the hot seat today could soon lose face tomorrow if the economy can not keep up with the industry.

external influences

In this industry, nothing is considered a “copy”. Design and style tends to be inspired and not copy directly. Therefore, with the international fashion industry, the fact that beyond styles and designs are bound to affect less important fashion magazines industry can not be neglected. This is an industry that thrives to be familiar with different. Externalities are an everyday occurrence and can not be neglected. People are bound to try to change the way things are, but in the end was the best style will be of a robust industry.

Thus, one can actually assume global fashion industry to be more of a united industry. Much of the factors that affect the global industry are usually those who come from familiar industries. These are things that are worth noting for and actually dictate how tends to be. Not only does this industry change regularly, it really requires that it changes as often as possible. This is something that must be taken into account in the analysis from a global perspective. Overall, this is surely going to intrigue any person who wants to learn more about it.


Paris Fashion Week – Who Says Paris is best in beautiful


You have not lived until you’ve been to Paris in the winter – the Fashion Week of course! It may be cold and rainy, but Paris is always beautiful, and buzzing with excitement at a myriad of fashion shows, expositions and parties that even us mere mortals, the public can attend. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to brush elbows with celebrities and icons of the fashion world jet-set of the previous Fashion Weeks in New York, London and Milan.

The Fall / Winter Paris Prêt-a-Porter Fashion Week is the most prominent business events in the fashion industry, when Fall fashions are rolled out as a season preview for the largest retail home buyers who’re scrambling to place their orders for fashion , handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats and cosmetics. Unlike other large industry convention hall tradeshows, Fashion Week is orchestrated citywide at some of Paris’ most prominent attractions.

year from February 25th to March 4th, top designers and fashion design students staged fashion clutter, from the pinnacle of good taste for the surreal. Among the selected sites were Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Musée de l’Homme, le Champs-Elysee, le Tour Montparnasse, Place du Trocadéro, Théâtre du Châtelet and La Sorbonne.

Winter Paris Fashion Week 2007 took place February 26 through March 4, and features all that is there in the designer world, including long-time Parisian favorites Chanel, Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and Givenchy.

Ah, the drama! Aside from the expected eccentric styles and surreal shows, more than a few eyebrows raised when animal rights protestor stormed the catwalk nude in response to apparent again this year for the use of fur as a luxury material.

London designer Stella McCartney (daughter of Beatle Paul McCartney), then made headlines for her “fur-free” show, showcasing warm alternatives to fur, with models clad in taffetas, satins, knitwear and cashmere.

Peter Dundas Emanuel Ungaro’s all ready to hit the discos with his collection designed to celebrate night clubbing. Full Furnished in much bling and leather, the models strutted and slinked down the runway.

The controversial show of the week had to be Viktor & Rolf. Dutch design partners Viktor Hors Ting and Rolf Snoeren, are renowned for elaborate, wildly-imaginative shows. This year, they found awkward contraptions that the models had to balance delicately, which were fitted with lighting and music as a kind of “personal fashion show.” The design was somewhat gothic, reminding one of the movie Van Helsing. The poor models were also required to were stylized wooden clogs, which clip clopped way they paraded carefully down the runway.

Expectedly were WWII and ancient war themes in many of the fashion collections this year, incorporating tall boots, leather, fur, fatigue green, body armor, allowing and epaulettes. Even Jean Paul Gaultier showed models wearing Scottish Tartans with stylized Mohawks, as if going into battle.

Also Fashion Week, exclusive Paris boutique Colette, celebrated its 10th anniversary by inviting 10 art curators to spotlight talent gallery-style on one of the walls. It was a fabulous way to show off it’s ultra-cool collection of music CDs, shoes, handbags, branded water and accessories. The boutique is also renown for glamorous parties, art exhibitions, dance classes, and definitely worth a visit when you are in Paris.

Speaking of accessories, Nokia decided to unveil its Nokia 7373 Special Edition phones fashion designer Giambattista Valli at Fashion Week, the “Dress-your-Nokia in Giambattista Valli-” Party. For the label-conscious, this is a must-have phone. Each one comes pre-loaded with a “behind the scenes” video for a glimpse into the life and inspiration designers, along with a selection of Valli graphics and the exclusive ring-tone, “Rhodium.”

next year is sure to hold more fun and surprises. For sure, Paris in March is the place to be!