Fashion – A Constant Change


What is popular, it’s common, it is the latest, called fashion. It also differs from different cultures at a particular time. When we hear the word fashion, it includes general fashionable clothes, bags, shoes, electronic music or the latest gadgets like mobile phone, iPod, etc. And what are the facts about it is that it changes suddenly from time to time.

Fashion rules keeps on changing, often times what we think is old and outdated suddenly becomes the hottest and stylish and is considered to be the latest trend of high and demand. Smart and unfashionable are often the terms we use to describe someone if he / she fits the current style.

glamor, beauty and style in a positive sense synonymous with fashion. There is also an art, where everyone has the freedom to express themselves, and you can see the real beauty, culture and even goodness. Some are also considered materialistic because to be so cool. So, all the above will lead to being undesirable.

There are different areas that have shown increases and decreases in fashion. Since it is a social phenomenon, Interior decorations and architectural designs are trying to offer the best, unique and latest trends for the home and office. Aside from clothing, cosmetics and hair styles are some of the common areas of fashion is also focused on. Since all want to outrun with the hottest fashion, everyone wants to be unique from others.

Fashion total reflects what the community is part of. Many have affected it, such as wars, conquest, songs, and even religion. Individual personality also give a great impact on fashion. Most even school children are aware of that fashion to.

Critics are also present especially in the fashion industry. They condemned fashion as irrational, frivolous, tyrannical and immoral. People follow fashion like sheep when they have enough clothes already. The accusation is also fashion designers accelerate the fashion changes to create new businesses. Still new fashion is successful when people are willing to accept it. It still leaves the consumer. Finally, fashion changes because many people like the fresh and latest style.


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