Fashion Style – Granny Chic look young


After the vintage style and Oldies taken over development and catwalks of the world, looks like an old lady style is ready to look young again. Several years ago, if someone is wearing 70s dress, people will surely look a weird stare and called it “ancient”. However, this style return once catwalks. The word ‘old’ was changed to “Vintage” and the whole world is affected by this development.

dress small floral knee-length, belt and sunglasses are the same width again to be a trend. Even those who have quite fashionable mother can smile because clothing and accessories seem to be vintage mother. This time, the hottest catwalks present various granny-chic style of the world approaching autumn and winter 2010.

What identifies grandmother? Glasses, it helps when blurred. You need Oldies-style glasses to look like a grandmother; one with wide and thick-rimmed, black or brown. Furthermore, you will need a tote bag. Tote bag with floral or other vintage motifs and soft colors, not too flashy style is well suited to the style guide. Select the tote bag has a simple model and more typical old style. Modern design would eliminate the present framework chic.

It’s time to play with a skirt that is suitable for this style. You can choose a classic pencil skirts or A-line skirt with natural colors. All these high-waist skirts are rarely considered elderly who designed Hipster. Complete with a nice little belt to give a classy impression. As skirts, choose a blouse with soft colors, simple design and high cut collar. Yours deep V-neck collar and pieces of other changes. You can choose the focus of modern blouse arm

Finally, choose the accessories that are not too big, just small and medium. simple but beautiful enough to admire! Avoid contemporary and modern design, of course. Remember, grandmother usually do not use an excessive amount of accessories. A pair of earrings, one to two rings, necklaces and bracelets and watch is enough. You can be stylish with granny chic if you are a creative mix and match.


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