How to become a fashion designer without going to school Fashion


The glitz and glamor of the fashion industry is more reachable than you think. While high-profile personalities tend to make couture wear and high fashion seems so difficult, this projection is to make people think high-end clothes can never be recreated, when the truth is, sewing these clothes together is as easy as tying shoelace phone.

become a fashion designer had been a dream, but the high cost of sending you to fashion school might have discouraged you to pursue that goal. Fortunately, with the boom of the Internet, learn the fundamentals of fashion design and sewing will be easier to acquire online. Furthermore, you do not have to leave your home and go with piles and piles of school requirements because you can learn anytime, anywhere.

To be a successful designer for couture and casual wear, you need to have perseverance and passion for fashion. You need to have a penchant for drawing, designing and building new things from older sources. You have to be inventive and innovative at the same time as the design, which do well in the fashion world are those that are fresh and striking

Another important lesson that you need to understand is that stitch. Basically, you need to know how to sew, cut clothes, and picking write textiles. Try this task: go through your closet and simply feel the cloth used on your dresses, shirts, jackets and coats. Spend as much time as you can to understand what the text would do well for shirts, dresses and trousers

There are books that tell an aspiring fashion designer cloth would go well in any type of clothing. if you have one, use this as a guide to help you with the design, but if you do not, there are sewing manuals that come with a guide to help you choose the right textiles for clothing.

The third and probably most important thing you need to understand before becoming a fashion designer is sewing. You must do a lot of sewing to show customers what you have created lately. If you find a job in the fashion house, then you must create the clothes yourself and pitch an idea to your boss. If you become a freelance fashion designer, therefore, you have to show your work to potential customers.


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