Shopping for fashion As a size 10, size 12 or size 14


You are standard height and though it may be more clothes range in your store, this is not always good to feel inundated with choices. Do not know what clothes to choose to show your body makes you feel less than safe. Rather, the book will discuss the shape of the body more and I have many tricks for individual flattering silhouette as you will see, but let me outline some key points that have influenced the style of this.

You do not enjoy shopping because you are not sure about the choices you make. Consequently, your style is undefined. You like the look of the garment on a hanger, but when it does not entitle you to get disheartened. You like the color and pattern but always end up in dark colors because it’s just easier. Fashion confuses you. It might look okay on the model, but you can not win it in your wardrobe.

I’ve worked with a lot of women who say they do not understand why they can not feel good about clothing choices they make and often teach their bodies to be to blame. As you work your way through your wardrobe, sorting out what makes you look good and you learn to choose clothes security you can relax and enjoy the way you look. But first I want to empower you immediately with some of the key


  • Make do with clothes that do not fit very well.
  • Wear clothes that are amorphous and not descriptive and do nothing for the unique shape.
  • Keep wardrobe packed full to the gills of clothes that do not work for you.
  • buy clothes without understanding what they will or will not do for your figure.
  • Relying on dark colors or bland nondescript shades.
  • rely on certain portfolios stores carry.


prioritize match. Girlfriends who are tall, petite or Fuller has always been aware of the need to clothes to match. As a standard feature that you did not come for the great importance of the match for after all – you do not have to seek out a specialist sizes in the way they do. However, you have to be wise from now Good match represents the trust and regard you have for you

Order your wardrobe out now – .. A cluttered messy closet is your worst enemy if you want to dress with style and confidence. I guarantee that you are giving your closet space for clothes you have not worn for ages and never will be again

Choose clothes that work with the body to flatter your silhouette -. This means confident decisions shaped and structured clothes instead of making the formal nondescript items. As you work through the book you will see all the illustrations of clothes that I recommend for individual body shape. The neckline or lapel width you choose, skirt or jacket features can all help you to balance your body. Once you are familiar with these sizes and shapes, choose the right clothes will be a piece of cake.

Add color to your wardrobe. If it is as bold and attention seeking thing to do then begin by adding a flash of color as part of the accessories, let’s say your belt or bag before you move to a whole dish. Print is also a place feminizing and is a way to add life and excitement to your wardrobe. It does not have to be bright either; a print you get a chance to stay in the comfort zone with darker colors, before you graduate to something more adventurous.


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